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Tips for Consignment Selling

Updated August 28, 2015

tips for consignment selling


Tips for Consignment Selling

Those looking to make some money sometimes have yard sales. Others choose to place their items in a consignment shop. Before you think about trying out this venture, here are some tips that will make sure that your items sell and at a profit!

Consignment Selling Tips

  1. Check Several Shops– Before choosing one particular consignment shop, check out a few of them for cleanliness, appearance, location, display, and also the pricing. By doing this, you will be able to determine which ones may be suitable for your purpose.
  2. Product Match– Choose a consignment shop that has similar products. You definitely do not want to choose an electronic consignment shop if you are selling clothing.
  3. Traffic Counts– Make sure that the store has enough traffic to generate interest in your product. Although the charge for having your item(s) in a convenient and well-traveled area may be higher priced, it will help in getting your product sold. Consignment shops that are not in prime locations may take longer for your item to sell.
  4. Prominently Displayed– Talk with the consignment shop owner before you agree to have your items on display there. You may be charged an extra fee for having your stuff right in the prospective customers view; however, chances are it will be sold very quickly.
  5. Written Contract– It is very important for you to get a written contract outlining your items for sale and the terms of the agreement. Knowing when to take your items to the shop and the deadline for picking them up if they have not sold will ensure that you will not be facing any additional fees such as storage.
  6. Security Measures– If you happen to be selling jewelry or other expensive items such as electronics, it is important that you know just what type of security system is in place at the consignment shop. Jewelry and electronic equipment should be behind a locked showcase, video surveillance, and even a gated front and back door is in order. Do not choose a consignment shop that has no visible security measures.
  7. Have Clean Items– Make sure that all of your items are clean and look presentable such as getting the wrinkles out. This will make your items look like it was well taken care of and may help sell it faster.

Most consignment shops will give you a percentage of the price it was sold for. At the end of the contract, you will get a check for the items you sold. Be sure to take your remaining items before you leave otherwise they may be donated.

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