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Things You Should Do Before a Big Purchase

Things You Should Do Before a Big Purchase

This post is sponsored by Lexington Law but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

A few years ago, I had my identity stolen. And if you’ve ever had this happen to you, you know how bad that can be messing everything up including your credit. When I got my identity stolen I never fully checked my credit to see if anything happened to it like I should have.

Eventually I would like to purchase a new home and possibly a lake house but was unsure of what my credit looked like. To check my credit and find out my score, I used Lexington Law. It was such an easy process to do and took no time at all. After checking everything out page by page it turns out my credit was good and nothing was affected. 

If you’re planning on making a big purchase consider these tips before doing so.

Make Sure You Can Afford It

Check your bank account. Did you already save up for the big ticket item? If not, create a list of everything you have come in and go out monthly. See what you have leftover and if you have enough to pay for it and have money left over then you can afford it.

Check Your Credit Score

It’s important to check your credit score when making a big purchase especially if you are buying a new home or car. Knowing where your credit stands will give you an idea of your qualification before you purchase. Going through your credit information can be confusing at times. Being able to have Lexington Law going over it with me made it so much easier to understand. Thankfully I didn’t have any issues but if you come across one they do everything they can to help your credit so you can achieve your dream purchase. Sign up to stay on top of your credit with help from the professionals with Lexington Law at

Sleep On It

While it may seem like a good idea at the moment, sometimes impulse buying is a bad idea. Make sure you sleep on the idea giving it a full 24 hours before deciding it’s the right decision.

Do Your Research

It’s important to thoroughly research everything about the big purchase to make sure it’s right for you. Read reviews or ask others if possible. Make sure to check refund policies in case you change your mind of if something goes wrong with it.

I hope these tips helped you out for your next big purchase! Do you have anymore to share? Leave them in the comments if so.

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