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The Creativity Behind A Wrinkle In Time Costumes with Designer Paco Delgado

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Sure a movie is about the story, talent and such but what really makes it come to life are the costumes. And these are just not ordinary costumes, they are extraordinary costumes. I’m talking countless hours spent and hard work to make them. I find it fascinating to get the backend of the movie such as what it takes to make them, design and how they come to life.

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The creativity and passion that comes from Costume Designer Paco Delgado made me want to get into his head and ask how his creativity became about in designing the costumes for the movie A Wrinkle In Time. With that, I did as I had the chance to while I visiting LA a few weeks ago in an exclusive interview with him. During the interview, he talked  about his inspiration, materials he used and the designing process of the cotumes.

Costume Inspiration

He talks about how movies are like conversations, the screen talks to you first, the director second and the actors/actresses third.  He used the following hints from the script to help him achieve the looks of the Mrs. of each character.

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Mrs. Which – warrior fighting in the universe and like a supernova that exploded with energy.

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Mrs. Who – very playful, engages with children and says silly things being the librarian of the universe.

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Mrs. WhatsIt – one with nature, whimsical character.

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Costume Designing

Oprah’s dresses were complex and he used a lot of materials that have never been used before such as plastics, metallic and reflective fabrics. With Mindy’s costumes, he wanted them to be in layers, like book pages because she is the librarian of the universe. There is a particular costume that has a cape and it is filled with words and expressions on it. He got this idea from graffiti on the streets and talks about it being a way to express yourself and get a message across. This was a perfect piece for her because she embodies all the culture and wisdom.

But things don’t always go as planned when working with new fabrics. For instance, Paco wanted to try doing a pleat with one of the fabrics and everything looked fantastic and he went to lunch to come back and find that the fabric went flat. Or when he tried to dye some paper fabrics to find that it dissolved. It was all a process of elimination and that is why it took up to 8 weeks for one design.

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