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The Benefits and How to Submit a Mail-In Rebate

the benefits of a mail-in rebate


The Benefits of Mail-In Rebates

Nowadays people are looking for ways to save on groceries and other consumer expenditures as well. Cutting corners when the budget is tight will permit you to have some money left over for those little extras. Some manufacturer’s offer discounts off of their products in the form of mail-in rebates. Read further to find out about the benefits of mail-in rebates.

Some Benefits of Mail-In Rebates

Some benefits of mail-in rebates include a tax-free partial cash reimbursement. This in itself is one of the reasons why consumers often purchase big-ticket items that offer huge discounts in the form of mail-in rebates. It is not uncommon for consumers to get discounts on a car purchase that total savings of several thousands of dollars once the mail-in rebate has been processed. In other words, companies are actually paying you to purchase their products.

Mail-In rebates are a way for consumers who are on a very tight budget to purchase an item that they otherwise may not be able to afford.

From a manufacturer’s standpoint, mail-in rebates are a win-win situation. Visibility and company sales increases, excessive inventory is cleared, entices conversions from a looker to a buyer. Other retailers often take interest in this type of rebate and often help to promote it through word of mouth.

All in all, mail-in rebates are great for consumers with limited budgets. However, it is the consumer who moves quickly and sends in the mail-in rebate before its expiration date who really benefits. The manufacturers know that they benefit by offering a mail-in rebate because many consumers will convert to customers and a large percentage of them will forget about getting the required information off in the mail before the time limit has run out.

How to Submit a Mail-In Rebate

There are several ways to submit a mail-in rebate. You may find a “Try Me Free” sticker on the product or a hang tag. Some forms be found online,  on your receipt or in a coupon insert. However the case is, following the instructions for the rebate will guarantee you will get your money back. Here are some simple ways to submit a rebate.

1. Find the rebate located on the product, online, receipt, or in the coupon inserts.
2. Read over the instructions carefully on how to submit your receipt.
3. Most forms require the original receipt and the UPC barcode or Serial Code.
4. Gather the appropriate documents and make a copy for yourself to keep.
5. Staple the items together and mail to the correct address.
6. On your copied documents write the date you submitted the receipt and store them in a safe place.
7. Keep track of when your rebate is supposed to arrive.
8. Usually payment will arrive in the form of a check or pre-paid card.

Be a wise consumer and make sure to prepare the documents for your mail-in rebate as soon as you walk in your front door that way you don’t forget to mail it in.

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