The Amazing Zhus Magical Meet-Up #TheAmazingZhus

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

the amazing zhus review

The Amazing Zhus are truly amazing! These motorized pets can do magic tricks, stunts and more for hours of fun. Do you remember Zhu Zhu pets that were the hottest toy back in 2009? This is from the same company called Cepia, LLC and have got a new collection of Zhus pets that are mice.

I got the chance to host an Amazing Zhus Magical Meetup to test out the latest product. We received a kit that included several Amazing Zhus toys and other goodies. Here is what I received:

One (1) The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets

o   Each Amazing Zhus Magician Pet includes 1 Magician Pet, 1 Magic Wand and 3 Magician Cards. Batteries are included.

·         Two (2) The Amazing Zhus Stunt Pets

·         One (1) The Amazing Zhus High Dive

·         One (1) Amazing Zhus Magician Shell Game

·         Two (2) decks of The Amazing Zhus playing cards

·         Five (5) The Amazing Zhus sticker sheets

For the guests I received  magic wands, magician hats, fortune-telling fish, mini magic tricks, Check Mix,· themed activities and recipes.

The Amazing Zhus High Dive

We first opened up the High Dive stunt and put it together. Taking the Zhus pet we set him on top of the high dive and watched him fall 30 inches into a tiny bucket of water below! You will see the Zhus pet attempt to go twice and then on the third time he gets the courage to go. When he makes it at the end you will hear the crowd gasp and cheer. The Zhus pet is sold separately and does not come with the High Dive.

The Amazing Zhus Stunt Pets

The stunt pets were fun to play with and the kids had a blast with them. You can chase them around the house and watch them do acrobatics and different stunts. You can also buy the playsets that go with the stunt pets that are sold separately.

The Magic Shell game we received did not work when we opened it. I think the batteries may have already been dead and they  required special watch batteries so we didn’t get a chance to try it out and see how it worked.

The Amazing Zhus Magic Card

My favorite was The Amazing Zhus Magician Pet. I loved to watch them do magic tricks by reading the magic cards. They seem to amaze me every time. And you can move the magic wand around and watch the Zhus pets follow it.

The Amazing Zhus Magic Wand

Each Zhus pet has funny sound effects for each trick or stunt they do. Plus, if you press the button on their back you can hear more sounds.

The Amazing Zhus products are the hottest toy this season and flying off the shelves. You can find The Amazing Zhus and accessories ranging in price from $7.99 – $24.99 at Walmart.

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