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Test Your Luck With the New Mobile-Enabled Ohio Lottery Card™

This post was sponsored by the Lottery Card™ as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Mobile-Enabled Ohio Lottery Card

Every now and then when I’m feeling lucky, I like to play the lottery. I’ve recently discovered the coolest thing from Ohio Lottery. It’s called the mobile-enabled Ohio Lottery Card™ that gives you a chance to play both Powerball® and Mega Millions® right from your home. No Joke!! I can literally be in my pajamas cozied up under a blanket playing the lottery. Awesome, right?!

All you have to do is pick up an Ohio Lottery Card™ at participating retail locations, make sure your location services on turned on before you activate your card, enter in the numbers from your mobile phone and wait for a text to see if you won or not. It’s that simple to do.

What would you do if you won?

If I won, I think I would pay off my home, add money to my kids college funds and take a family vacation. The possibilities are endless depending on how much and if you win.

Mobile-enabled Ohio Lottery Cards™ make great gifts for the holidays.  It’s inexpensive at just $10 for five plays and $20 for 10 plays along with $0.89 for Mobile Play Benefits. I usually give out scratch offs to my family at Christmas but I think they are going to love these new cards. Plus, the fun is seeing who won!

Benefits of a Mobile-Enabled Ohio Lottery Card™

Never lose a ticket – all tickets are sent digitally to the player’s phone associated with their phone number.

Winner announced via text – if you’ve won you will receive a text and picture message with the announcement.

Available near you – the Lottery Card™ available for purchase by adults 18 or older in the checkout lanes at Buehler’s Fresh Foods, Giant Eagle and Kroger stores Ohio statewide.

Winnings come via Paypal – if your winnings are under $600, you can receive it via Paypal.

Reusable – save your cards as they are reusable for jackpot wins or to replay.


Thanks to my friends at Ohio Lottery™ as they are offering 10 lucky Ohioians a chance to win 1 $20 Powerball® and 1 $20 Mega Millions® card! Open to Ohio residents only 18+. Good Luck!

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