Disclosure: I was given the RV by Neff Brothers featured in this post to use for a weekend to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

Neff Brothers RV Rentals

My family and I were ready for a mini getaway over Labor Day weekend but didn’t want to go too far away or break the bank. We decided to go camping and thought it would be a great way to spend time together as a family. The only problem is that we didn’t have a tent or an RV. With 5 of us we thought tent camping would be a little bit cramped so we decided we would try an RV.  We came across Neff Brothers RV Rentals located in Lorain, OH. Neff Brothers were so kind to let us use a Sunseeker RV that was large enough for our entire family and then some for our weekend trip.

storage around the rvMy husband drove to Lorain, OH to pick up the RV so we could load everything up that we needed for the weekend and drive to our destination. With 5 people I forgot how much stuff you need to bring along. I didn’t have to worry about storage space because the Sunseeker RV had plenty of space for everything. There was plenty of storage around the bottom of the RV for our suitcases, firewood, cooler, drinks, and lawn chairs. Each compartment can  be secured tightly to keep it from falling out while traveling.

Sideouts on an RV

When you enter the RV you can see how much room the RV has even without the sideouts opened. It can sleep 9 people with a bedroom in the back, bunk beds, a full size bed in the kitchen area and a full size bed above the divers seat. When you open the sideouts there is so much more space to walk thru the hallway, cook, sit, and sleep. It opens up the RV with a click of a button and takes seconds.

Back Bedroom of RV

In the back bedroom there was a full size dresser area to store clothes in. On each side of the bed had storage cabinets and a small table that I could my phone down to charge at night. Plus, there is a door that can be closed for privacy.

bunk beds in the RV

In the bunk bed area you can sleep 2 people on the bottom and one person on the top. There is a TV with a DVD player right next to the bunk beds which was perfect so my youngest son could watch his movies at night. It also had a radio right below the TV so you can listen to some tunes while you are camping.

Kitchen in RV

The full size kitchen offers a fridge, freezer, stove, sink, microwave, and oven. There were cabinets in the sink area to store pans, the garbage can, and kitchen utensils in. The kitchen table is big enough to fit our entire family for meals or for family game night. Cooking in the kitchen was a breeze and we made many meals using the stove and microwave. We could get up and make breakfast, lunch, or dinner with the appliances provided in the RV.

dining area in rvAcross from the kitchen table is a couch that turns into a full size bed which my teenage son claimed since it was long enough for him. Above the couch and kitchen table were storage cabinets on each side where we could store our food, appliances, towels, and other items.

bed above driver seat in RV

Above the driver and passenger seat is another full size bed equipped with a TV and DVD player. My teenage daughter claimed that bed as she could climb up with a ladder provided and close the curtains for privacy. And when we wanted to watch TV,  we could turn the TV towards the couch area and sit around and watch it. This came in handy on the day that it rained all day.

bathroom in RV

The bathroom had a shower/tub, sink, toilet, medicine cabinet and storage below the sink. I was able to put all of the toiletries in the medicine cabinet and drawer. Inside the shower/tub there were shelves where you could put your soap, shampoo, and conditioner in it and plenty of room to move around in.

navigation for RV

In the driving area there is a navigation system built right into the RV with a touchscreen. This navigation system detects you are in an RV so it will give you the right route each time so you don’t get on a path that an RV can’t go on. From this touchscreen, you can also operate the DVD player above the seats and the radio for the front area.

Driving in the car with kids can be stressful sometimes as the kids are too close together so they fight and complain that they have no room. Driving the RV made it easier on us as parents. The kids could relax and stretch out inside of it instead of being cramped in a car. Plus, they thought it was so cool to be in a moving RV.

Sunseeker RV

Setting up at our campsite was a cinch and didn’t require much work. All we had to do was back the RV into the site, push the buttons to release the sideouts, and hook everything up. This only took us less than 10 minutes to do. It was so much easier than setting up a tent and unloading a car.

RV with canopy out

If you want some shade all you have to do is push a button to release the canopy above the door. We enjoyed our breakfast underneath the canopy in the morning while sitting at the picnic table. At night the canopy lights up so you can see while enjoying a nice relaxing fire.

If you are thinking of RV camping, I highly suggest it. And if you don’t want to purchase one, I will tell you that renting one is so much easier. That way you don’t have to worry about maintaining it, storing it, etc. It is a great for families to use for  weekend getaway, vacation, and more.

Neff Brothers offers affordable RV rentals in Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Mansfield, Columbus, OH and other surrounding areas. They have been satisfying customers since 2004 with their amazing customer service and clean RV rentals. They are located at 7475 Industrial Pkwy Dr, Lorain, OH 44053. Or you can call them at 440-282-5600. Be sure to “Like” Neff Brothers on Facebook to view all the latest news and promotions.

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Watch the video below and take a tour of the Forest River Sunseeker RV from Neff Brothers RV Rentals!



Busch Gardens Tampa, FL

Busch Gardens is one of our favorite theme parks in Tampa Florida. It is a park that we come back to each year we are in Florida. Why do we love it? We love the thrill rides, animals, price, meal plan, and staff. This is a park that our whole family can enjoy as they have rides for small kids up to adults. They have 297 acres of with 8 roller coaster along with other attractions based on exotic explorations around the world. They also offer one of the country’s premier zoos with more than 12,000 animals.

Our favorite ride is the Cheetah Hunt and have ridden it many times. It is the longest roller coaster I have ever rode at a length of 4,400 feet. When you first get on it, hold on, because it shoots you outside for the ride of your life. With the twists and turns it has to offer you will be sure to have a blast.

Busch Gardens Sheikra

My husband and kids favorite ride is the SheiKra. It climbs 200 feet to the edge of a 90-degree drop that inches you mercilessly over the edge—and stops. At 70 mph you will go thru loops and an underground tunnel.

And if you want to cool off try the Congo River Falls, where you are bound to get soaked. Go thru thrilling plunges, looming waterfalls and a mysterious water cave are just a few of the surprises it holds. Our family had a blast on this one trying to figure out who is going to get soaked the most.


The New Falcon’s Fury ride was not open yet when we visited. It is set to open later this summer. It stands at 335 feet and plunge you at 60 mph straight down a 90 degree tower.

Busch Garden Animals

For a kid-friendly trail to see the animals at Busch Gardens ride the Serengeti Railway. You will find Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches, and more along the way.

We like to purchase the All Day Dining Plan where you can enjoy food and drink all day at participating areas for one low price. This is great on a hot day to cool off with a refreshing drink or a tasty meal.

You can purchase your tickets online for the best price rather than at the gate. Head on over to UnderCoverTourist.com to find the best deals for Busch Gardens Tampa.

Disclosure: I was given 2 tickets featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

hollywood wax museum


You can come see all of you favorite stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. I love Hollywood Stars and know that I will never see them in real life so seeing them in wax version is fine with me. My family and I visited the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN a few weeks ago to see all of our favorite stars. When you first arrive the outside of the building looks like a replica of Hollywood buildings with the Hollywood sign and King Kong on top. Then you walk in like you are a movie star with the red velvet ropes and they take your picture inside King Kong’s hand where you can purchase at the end of the visit.

hollywood museum stars

We continued to walk through the building seeing out favorite stars and taking our pictures with them. They looked so real! The stars had the props with them that made them famous such as Hugh Heffner with his robe and round bed, Michael Jordan with his basketball and so much more.

Through the middle of the tour you get to take the elevator up to the roof level where you get off outside. Our family is scared of heights but we wanted to check it out. We made it outside and my husband snapped a few shots of King Kong up close while the rest of us stayed in one place. It was really neat to be on the roof and see the Tennessee mountains but with us being so scared we didn’t stay long.


They saved the best star for last and that was Michael Jackson. He was at the end along with the Hollywood sign where you can take a picture with the whole family to look like you were in Hollywood. When you come out from the Wax Museum you can get a chance to look at your picture that was taken at the beginning, and shop around for a souvenir. Including picking up your very own Oscar to take home.


After you visit the Hollywood Wax Museum be sure to visit the Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos that is located in the same area. You can pick up a VIP pick 3 passes to score a better deal when you do all 3.

The Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors was a lot of fun. You have to make your way through 288 potential turns and among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways to free Princess Hannah from Ugly Hetty’s spell. This mirrored adventure, crafted by one of the world’s foremost maze designers, is all about gallantry and fun.

castle of chaos

The Castle of Chaos is the first 5D adventure where you will see, hear, feel, and smell the chaos as you attempt to discover the paranormal activity lurking inside. This is a moving row game where you wear 3D glasses and shoot the ghosts and dead people with your gun for the highest score!  Must be at least 4 years old or 42” tall to ride.

These are 3 attractions you do not want to miss while you are visiting Pigeon Forge, TN. They are open 365 days a year from early until late and it is something the whole family will enjoy.

To pick up your discount tickets head on over to Hollywoodwaxentertainment.com.


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Hollywood Joe


Disclosure: I was given 2 tickets plus a discount featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.