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We made a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN. While we were there we visited several attractions. We received tickets to 8 Ripley’s Attractions but only got to visit 7 out of the 8. If you have never been to Tennessee, you must visit sometime in your lifetime. It is amazing! The mountains, scenery, and people make it so much better. I loved every minute we were in Tennessee and can’t wait to return for another vacation.

There is a total of 8 Ripley’s Attractions located in and near Gatlinburg, TN. They are Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, Haunted Adventure, Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze and Candy Factory, Ripley’s 3D Moving Theatre, Ripley’s Guinness World Records Museum, Ripley’s Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf , and Davy Crockett Mini-Golf.

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies

aquarium of the smokies

The Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies is 115,000 square feet of space with 1.4 million gallons of water. When you first walk in you go through a maze of different exhibits. At first you can see the giant Aquarium above the underwater tunnel and see the sharks swimming around.

When you make it to the underwater tunnel it is a moving sidewalk unless you get nauseous like me on those things you can walk on flat ground through the tunnel. You will see different species of sharks and other fish inside the Aquarium tunnel. They will swim above and all around you.

We also got to see the staff feed the penguins one by one. At the end we go to see a Stingray feeding. There was a diver in the tank that did a show and feed the Stingrays and they surrounded him. When the show was over we were able to go up to the top of the Aquarium where the diver came up too and let us touch the Stingrays. It was neat to feel them up close. One even splashed us while we were touching it.


Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Ripley's Believe it or Not

This is a fun attraction to go and see some freaky things. You can see shrunken heads, a rug made out of gum wrappers, a 2 headed goat, and much more. This is a must see to experience new and unusual things. It has 4 floors and is a place for the whole family to enjoy even young kids.

Warning: There is one exhibit called the torture room that may be a bit scary for the young ones.


Ripley’s Guinness World Records Museum

Ripley's guinness

Have you ever read the book “Guinness Book of World Records”? If you have you will enjoy the Ripley’s Guinness Book of World Records Museum. You can most things up close that have been in the books. You can see things from largest skateboard to the heaviest man. These exhibits are grouped into Sports, Space, Animals, Food, Human Achievement and many more!


 Other Ripley’s Attractions

ripley's attractions tennessee

The last 4 attractions we did were the Ripley’s  Moving Theater, Haunted Adventure, Mirror Maze, and Davey Crocket Mini-Golf. These attractions are smaller and don’t take up much of your day.

In the Ripley’s Moving Theater  is a Real 5D virtual reality simulator where you actually ride with the movie and experience every bump, dip and turn! State-of-the-Art Motion Simulator in right in the seat. You can experience 2 shows: the chill of Winter Wipeout and the thrill of Rats Race Xtreme!

The Ripley’s Haunted Adventure was not one we all did, only my husband. The employee said that if it looks scary from the outside then it will be even scarier on the inside. If you have young children that get scared easily I would recommend skipping this attraction. You go through very dark rooms where each person is holding onto you and you encounter some scary zombies, chain saws, and more.

Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze is a fun attraction for the whole family to enjoy. You walk through this mirror maze where you see your reflection in each direction. This confuses you making it seem like you are seeing someone else and you may run into a mirror or too. There is even what we called a party room that was full of mirrors, disco lights, and music.

Lastly, we visited Davy Crockett Mini-Golf that was located a little past Gatlinburg. You can choose between 2 courses that are filled with fun ways to play mini golf including going through a waterfall, rocks, bears, and more.

We did not get a chance to visit the Ripley’s Old MacDonald’s Farm Mini-Golf as we ran out of time.

If you have plenty of time to visit other Ripley’s attractions while you are in Tennessee, I suggest getting the 8 pack combo tickets. This way you can do all the attractions for one great price. You can purchase tickets here where most attractions are open 365 days a year.

Disclosure: I was given 8 tickets featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

hollywood wax museum


You can come see all of you favorite stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN. I love Hollywood Stars and know that I will never see them in real life so seeing them in wax version is fine with me. My family and I visited the Hollywood Wax Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN a few weeks ago to see all of our favorite stars. When you first arrive the outside of the building looks like a replica of Hollywood buildings with the Hollywood sign and King Kong on top. Then you walk in like you are a movie star with the red velvet ropes and they take your picture inside King Kong’s hand where you can purchase at the end of the visit.

hollywood museum stars

We continued to walk through the building seeing out favorite stars and taking our pictures with them. They looked so real! The stars had the props with them that made them famous such as Hugh Heffner with his robe and round bed, Michael Jordan with his basketball and so much more.

Through the middle of the tour you get to take the elevator up to the roof level where you get off outside. Our family is scared of heights but we wanted to check it out. We made it outside and my husband snapped a few shots of King Kong up close while the rest of us stayed in one place. It was really neat to be on the roof and see the Tennessee mountains but with us being so scared we didn’t stay long.


They saved the best star for last and that was Michael Jackson. He was at the end along with the Hollywood sign where you can take a picture with the whole family to look like you were in Hollywood. When you come out from the Wax Museum you can get a chance to look at your picture that was taken at the beginning, and shop around for a souvenir. Including picking up your very own Oscar to take home.


After you visit the Hollywood Wax Museum be sure to visit the Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors and Castle of Chaos that is located in the same area. You can pick up a VIP pick 3 passes to score a better deal when you do all 3.

The Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors was a lot of fun. You have to make your way through 288 potential turns and among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways to free Princess Hannah from Ugly Hetty’s spell. This mirrored adventure, crafted by one of the world’s foremost maze designers, is all about gallantry and fun.

castle of chaos

The Castle of Chaos is the first 5D adventure where you will see, hear, feel, and smell the chaos as you attempt to discover the paranormal activity lurking inside. This is a moving row game where you wear 3D glasses and shoot the ghosts and dead people with your gun for the highest score!  Must be at least 4 years old or 42” tall to ride.

These are 3 attractions you do not want to miss while you are visiting Pigeon Forge, TN. They are open 365 days a year from early until late and it is something the whole family will enjoy.

To pick up your discount tickets head on over to Hollywoodwaxentertainment.com.


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Disclosure: I was given 2 tickets plus a discount featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.