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I got the chance to sit down with the Academy Award winning director Rob Marshall and the Broadway Star Anna Kendrick on Into The Woods for an interview last Friday. To be able to speak with the actual director and Broadway Musical star was an amazing opportunity. There were so many questions to be asked and valuable information to be told. Read about the interview below.

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Rob Marshall’s Take on Anna’s Surprise Talent

Rob Marshall talks about her amazing Broadway voice and how she brought that talent with her to the set. Everyone looked up to Anna because of her amazing musical talent. But the thing that surprised Rob the most was her wide range as an actress. She was able to open up and show such depth and vulnerability and agility and complexity.

As Rob is saying this about Anna she starts to blush and says, “I’m so embarrassed. I should leave the room.” Then, you hear a chuckle from Rob and Anna.

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Rob Marshall calling the Cast as a Company

Rob mentioned that the entire cast of Into the Woods is a considered a company because they all work together.  Rob says, “I not only cast them for the talent and for playing the roles but I also cast them for who they are, people I like and people who are wonderful to work with who are there for the right reasons.”

He felt that this cast was there supporting each other. Even if it was the actor’s first time trying something, they would all work together and harder thru rehearsals.

Anna Kendrick agreed with Rob and said, “It was an equalizer ‘cause we were all terrified and there’s nothing like terror. That would be a feeling of a food chain and to be just in it doing the work, especially when we were all so intimidated by the music. It just made you realize we’re all in the same boat here.”


Anna Kendrick on Playing the Modern Cinderella

In the movie Into the Woods Anna plays the more modern Cinderella. She is not wearing the typical big fluffy beautiful ball gown, it is actually a more modern gown. This is more of a real life person than just a fairy tale we all dream of.

Anna agrees this was a fun role to play because she’s talking herself into things and out of things.  “I think that by the end of it for her to really realize what’s important once she is in a situation where an entire community has to come together and decided what’s really important to them then it becomes pretty easy to say goodbye to this guy (Chris Pine, The Prince) who’s sort of a tool.”, says Anna.

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Biggest Challenge on Directing and Acting

Rob talks about doing a musical movie is like doing 2 films at once. “Film does not lie as there is a theatricality sometimes on stage that you can kind of push and put across but you have — the camera’s so close and it’s taking in so much there’s an honesty to the work that has to be there.”, says Rob. He goes on mentioning that most of it is live and prerecorded and how Anna did most of her stuff live.

“And the microphone doesn’t lie either.”, Anna says. Even if the piece is prerecorded you can still hear everything on that microphone. Anna was amazed at how many times she would hear a playback of her recording and each one would be different.

Someone asked Rob Marshall if he enhanced his performances and he looked confused. He said that he doesn’t even know how to do that. And in my opinion why would he have to with an amazing cast of Into the Woods. He says, “That is the joy of each character as they are not all perfect.” I have to agree with Rob and that is why this movie is so great.

rob and anna

Musicals in the Future

As you may know that Anna will be in the new “Pitch Perfect’ movie coming out soon. She talks about doing movie musicals because they are making them. “It is in her blood.”, says Rob. Anna will continue making them as long as they are around as it is a beautiful way to express yourself.

Anna mentions that she would love to see her favorite musical “Parade” turn into a movie but is very sad that she is no longer 13 and can’t play the part of Iola Stover.


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Disclosure: Disney is providing me with an all expense paid trip to LA to the #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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About Emily Blunt and James Corden Friendship

When you get two friends of 8 years with great chemistry and a British accent, the interview has gone “mad” as they will say. Meaning crazy or insane in British. That is what happened during the interview of Emily Blunt (the baker’s wife) and James Corden (the baker) of “Into the Woods” last Friday.

James Corden is a Tony Award winning actor, comedian, writer, producer, and now television host of The Late Late Show. Emily Blunt is a Golden Globe Award winning actress and has appeared in Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, The Adjustment Bureau, Looper, Edge of Tomorrow. When the two found out from Rob Marshall that they were working together they were more than relieved because they have known each other for eight years when they met at a Polo Match where the princes Harry and William also attended.

As soon as the James Corden and Emily Blunt enter the room the laughter begins. James says, “Hi Mums” in his British accent and says, “This is my Dream”. He then jokingly asks Emily Blunt to leave the room as she is bringing his dream down. James starts talking about his wife and kids and then Emily looks over at him and points out some black stuff in James teeth. At this point all of us bloggers are just dying laughing because we know as moms that is what we would do too.

emily blunt

On Emily Blunt being Pregnant while Filming Into the Woods

Emily found out that she was pregnant the same time she found out she got the part. She thought about how she could pull this off being pregnant and filming at the same time.  She said it wouldn’t be a problem if she gained a few pounds since she was the baker’s wife. People would just think she ate a lot of the bread.

She was past the first trimester at the point of filming so she found she has so much energy which was good because she did a lot of running around in the film. She had a pregnancy chair on set that said, “Emily Blunt’s Pregnancy Chair”, where she would often find Chris Pine in the chair because he would say he was so tired. Towards the end of her pregnancy you can find her hiding in the film behind James Corden,  the cow, a tree, and more to help hide her bump.


Working with the Kids in the Film

Lilla Crawford (Little Red Riding Hood) and Daniel Huttlestone (Jack) was in several scenes with James and Emily. James mentions that they’re both incredibly talented and gifted kids. Lilla Crawford was doing 8 shows a week playing Annie on Broadway and knew how to come to the set of Into the Woods and work and be professional. When she opens her mouth, she has a voice like a trumpet that sounds amazing.

Daniel Huttlestone is so gifted, musically and the coolest kid. He would sit down at a piano, and he’ll playing these ukulele- he’s, he’s the real deal says, James Corden.


James Corden on Hosting The Late Late Show

As many of you may know that Craig Ferguson retired from The Late Late Show this month and the new host will be the hilarious James Corden. He mentions that in this business opportunities come and go and when something comes along you go for it.  After shooting in Johannesburg for six weeks, Skyping his son on James’s birthday, he thought, this is only gonna get harder.

He is excited to be the Host of The Late Late Show because this is a job where he can go to everyday and be creative and at the end he can go home and be a father and a husband. And I just don’t think there’s ever a child when they’re twenty or thirty, sitting in a therapist’s chair going, do you know, my dad was just around too much, says James. He mentions how he feels very lucky to have such an opportunity where he can be home with his kids and family.

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The wait is almost over and Disney’s Into The Woods will be playing in theatres tonight beginning at midnight. Be sure to check your local listing and times. If you don’t want to venture out tonight, check out the film tomorrow, 12/25 with the entire family. Don’t forget to read my review about the movie Into The Woods here and my interview with Meryl Streep, Tracey Ullman, and Christine Baranski here.


Fun Facts about Into The Woods:

  • Production on “Into the Woods” began in September, 2013 at Shepperton Studios and on locations throughout England.
  • Stephen Sondheim has received eight Tony® Awards, more than any other composer in history. He has won seven times: Best Music and Best Lyrics for “Company” (1971); and Best Score for “Follies” (1972), “A Little Night Music” (1973), “Sweeney Todd” (1979), “Into the Woods” (1988) and “Passion” (1994). His eighth honor was a 2008 Special Tony Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre.
  • The foundation of the Woods set, built on Stage H at Shepperton Studios, was made up of 2,000 tons of soil, over 600 ferns, acres and acres of ivy and countless pallets of moss and turf.
  • 95 percent of the trees used on the Woods set were real trees, which included 30-foot pine trees and hundreds of 25-foot oak tree branches, the leaves of which had to be removed and replaced with artificial ones (so they would last longer). The remaining five percent were full-sized whimsical trees constructed from plaster.
  • There were four cows cast to play Milky-White. Their names were Tug, Diamond, Two Fold and Pearl.
  • Rapunzel’s hair in the film is 20 feet long.  The braid is made from real hair and weighs almost six pounds.
  • The music for the film was pre-recorded over a two-week period at Angel Studios in London with a 56-piece orchestra, composed of some of the best musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic.


Cast: Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Daniel Huttlestone, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Lilla Crawford, Johnny Depp,  Billy Magnussen, MacKenzie Mauzy,Tammy Blanchard, and Lucy Punch.

Director: Rob Marshall

Producers: John DeLuca, Rob Marshall, Marc Platt, Callum McDougall

Screenplay by: James Lapine

Based on the Musical by: Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine

Music and Lyrics by: Stephen Sondheim

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Disclosure: Disney is providing me with an all expense paid trip to LA to the #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.


How many of you are counting down the days to see Disney’s Into the Woods movie coming out December 25th? How many of you were lucky to see it on Broadway? I am counting down the days and can’t wait to see it on Christmas with my family as every year we make a tradition to see a movie on Christmas after we open gifts.

I am super excited to let all of my awesome readers know that I have been invited to LA to attend an #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent December 17th-19th. That means I can get the inside scoop on the movie and actors and deliver to you before it is released. How awesome is that? To get the inside scoop follow along with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent to see the pictures and information during the events.


Disney and Into The Woods Event

I will step foot into the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills which is the official “Academy” Theater to watch a screening of Disney’s Into The Woods Movie followed by followed by a Q&A with actors Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Christine Baranski, Tracey Ullman, director and producer Rob Marshall, writer James Lapine, producers Marc Platt and John DeLuca, costume designer Colleen Atwood and cinematographer Dion Beebe.

The next day will be the most exciting because me and 24 other bloggers will have a one on one Q&A with the cast of the movie Into the Woods.  I am working on a set of questions for the Q&A. Not only will I be learning about the movie but I will also learn about the cast and filmmakers to share with all of you.


UPDATE: I just got the list of who I will be interviewing and wanted to share with you.


-Group interview with Meryl Streep (“The Witch”), Tracey Ullman

(“Jack’s Mother”) and Christine Baranski (Cinderella’s Stepmother”)


-Group interview with James Corden (“The Baker” – @JKCorden) and Emily Blunt (“The Baker’s Wife”)


-Group interview with Anna Kendrick (“Cinderella” – AnnaKendrick47) and Director Rob Marshall


-Group interview with Costume Designer Colleen Atwood



Your favorite spotted dogs are back with the new Diamond Edition Blu-ray of 101 DALMATIONS. While we are there we will be celebrating the new release of the movie. The movie will be released on 2/10/2015.  I can’t wait to hear what they have done with the new Diamond Edition. I am sure we will see some bonus clips and more on it.


ABC Family Event

To kick off the holiday season we will celebrate with a 25 Days of Christmas Welcome Dinner. If you have been following my Tweets you will see that I have been posting the schedule of shows for 25 Days of Christmas everyday. If not, you can view the full schedule here of some great movies and shows from the classics to new holiday episodes. The shows will are different each day thru December 25th and are great for the whole family to watch.


I am excited to see that Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy are returning back on Wednesday, 1/14 with new episodes at 8:00pm/8:00c and 8:30pm/7:30c. I remember watching Melissa on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Joey on Blossom when I was younger.


Heading on over to the ABC production set where Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy are filmed we will observe a production and interview the stars of each show, plus, check out the set. Can we all say, Whoa!? 🙂

Not only am I honored and thrilled to be invited to the #IntoTheWoodsEvent and #ABCFamilyEvent but I super excited to learn more about the upcoming shows and movies to share my adventure with you. If you have any questions you would like me to ask feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to add it to my list.

I hope to see you follow along December 17th – December 19th!