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Summer Reading Guide for Kids Ages 3 and Up

Updated September 7, 2015

kids summer reading guide


Do your kids like to read in the summer? I know my kids love to read and do the reading program at our local library. After they read so many books they get to pick out a prize which is usually another book to read. I have created a list of good summer reads for kids ages 3 and up listed below.


Ages 3-7


Pretend & Play Firefighter–  this is a fun shaped book that has 4 puzzle pieces and pop-ups inside to make the story more fun. Kids can learn all about firefighters while putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It has a nice handle at the top so kids can carry it around with them. At the front of the books has a see-thru window and you can open it up in the back to get the puzzle pieces out.


Hands on Learning Play-Doh “In the Jungle”– It is a 10 page book with 4 1 oz. cans of Play-Doh. Kids can read thru the book and learn how to make 5 Jungle Animals out of Play-Doh. This is great to take in the car for those long road trips to give kids something to do.


Hands on Learning Play-Doh “Under the Sea” – It is a 10 page book with 4 1 oz. cans of Play-Doh. Kids can read thru the book and learn how to make 5 Ocean Animals such as the Octopus, Shark and more out of Play-Doh. It has easy illustrated instructions to make the animals.


Disney Princess Poster-A-Page “Fairy Tale Moments– This storybook includes 9 supersize posters that kids can take out and hang on their walls and more. They can read about their favorite princess from Belle, Cinderella, and more.


Sofia the First Poster-A-Page “Practice Makes Princess”– This storybook includes 9 supersize posters and read Sofia’s amazing story. You can meet her family and animal friends and decorate your room with all the colorful posters. It even includes a poster you can color.


Ages 8-10




Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Kids “Fun Facts & Silly Stories–  Kids can learn fun facts and silly stories about Ripley’s Believe it or Not! These stories and facts are aimed towards the younger kids so they won’t find anything too freaky or scary. Each page is filled with colorful pictures and fun facts that are fun to read and learn.


Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Dinosaurs– Kids can learn about Tyrannosaurs Rex and other Dinosaurs. They can meet and explore each Dinosaur from many years ago. The pages are filled with fun facts and colorful photos. They even include questions to see if you are paying attention and can answer them.


National Geographic Kids “Get Outside Guide”– thru this book kids can explore the outside with fascinating facts and cool ideas to do outside. The book can help kids identify plants, animals, and so much more. This is a great way for kids to get excited and go outside.


National Geographic Kids “Try This!”– Learn 50 Fun Experiments for the science kid. This is a great book to have in the summer  to keep kids busy and interested. They can experience walking on eggs, see sugar dance, and so much more. Kids will have a blast doing these science experiments and will want to show their friends.

Stink and the Freaky Frog Freakout– If your kids love other “Stink” books, they will love book #8. After Stink gets licked by a blue frog his froggy senses start kicking in. Is he starting to turn into a frog? The kids will have to read the book to find out.

Timmy Failure- Now Look What You’ve Done– Read about Timmy Failure who seems to fail at everything. Read about the book to see if luck is on his side while he is about to crack the biggest case of his generation: a school competition to find a stolen globe and win a $500 prize.


Ages 11 and Up



Pokemon “Essential Handbook”– Have a Pokemon fan in the house? Kids can learn all the stats and facts on over 640 Pokemon characters. They can learn about the Legendary Pokemon, Bug-Types, Water-Types and other Pokemon characters. It also shows the evolve of some of the characters.


Minecraft “Essential Handbook”– This is a must Minecraft book to have. It will show you how to survive, resources to get, how to make a shelter, and so much more. These are tips from the Minecraft experts as well as the developer Jeb and creator Notch.


Ripley’s Believe it or Not! “Completely Awesome”– This book is for the older kids as there are a few pictures that could scare younger kids. They can learn about the strange stories, incredible tales, and unbelievable feats. Each page is filled with colorful photos and fun facts about the photos. Kids will be amazed at these incredible stories. The question is “Will you Believe it or Not?”


MineCrafter 2.0 Advanced – This is the unofficial guide to Minecraft and other building games. Since Minecraft became so popular kids want to know how to advance in the game. They can learn tips and tricks from the experts on areas of the game play. Each page is filled with colorful pictures to help you in the game. They can learn how to build structures, combat strategies for specific mobs, and more.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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