Spring Cleaning Tips to Get you Motivated

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get you Motivated

It’s that time again for Spring Cleaning! It’s hat dreaded word we hate but yet you feel so much better after you do it. Get that enormous task done right by setting it in your mind that you are indeed going to get it done.

Did you know that the major effort (about 90 percent) to spruce up your home each year in the spring cleaning time lies in your head? It’s true that if you’re not mentally prepared, there are considerable chances that you will either stop before you finish or you might not even do it at all. Spring cleaning time presents us an opportunity to make our homes shiny and to set ourselves up for the upcoming year. It also helps us to enjoy the summer much more than we do if we are to be dealing with clutter and mess instead of the outdoors and the sunshine.

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Try some of these Mind Tricks to help you get your spring cleaning done effectively.

1. Decide to do it. Sounds logical, but many of us never make the first move.
2. Do not give yourself permission to stop. The reason we do not finish is because somewhere inside we tell ourselves that it is an option.
3. Focus on the job at hand. Using a timer here actually helps. Once you set the timer, make sure that you don’t stray from your prepared task.
4. Use short bursts. In conjunction with the timer, this may be one of the most powerful mind-blowing tricks you can use. Setting limits of 5, 10 or 20-minute blocks of time, eliminates the fear that comes with any big job, spring cleaning included.
5. Deciding if you’ll work on it. This will place you on the right track and from getting scattered and distracted.
6. Set a time limit. If we know that we have to do something in a certain number of minutes, hours or days, we tend to be more likely to do it at that time.
7. Track and benchmark your progress. Nothing motivates us from within more than seeing what we have achieved.


Here are some cleaning tricks to follow.

  • Where to start? Start by de-cluttering areas first. Identify the cabinets, bookcases, cabinets, drawers and pantries. This task is enormous on its own, so try not to get overwhelmed with too much to do at once. Do one room at a time.
  • Instead of dusting all small items on the shelves in your home, you can wash them in water. This gives you time and saves more effort and what’s more – it does not allow the dirt to be redistributed in the area.
  • Steam-clean your carpets and upholstery. It is essential, at least once a year. Your carpet needs regular deep cleaning to remove dirt, dust and allergens. This will extend the durability of your carpet.
  • Deep clean your tiles in the bathroom, shower, kitchen, etc. Use an effective soap scum remover and a brush or even a steamer. Dirty grout can be cleaned with the aid of a paste composed of baking soda and water, apply and scrub with an old toothbrush.
  • When you clean, make sure to work from the top to down and from the inside to outside. This will prevent the common mistake of getting what you’ve just cleaned to be dirty again. Remember one room at a time and if you have completed that room and see the final results, you are bound to be encouraged and be ready for the next task at hand.
  • Make sure you dust before vacuuming or cleaning the floor. Try a lambswool duster on an extended pole to help with those difficult places to reach. Household rags are very useful to wipe surfaces.
  • Get rid of those unsightly stains and marks on the walls and cabinets, use sugar soap in a bucket of clean water, rinse and dry with a cloth.
  • One last tip, do yourself a big favor and invest in a good pair of rubber gloves to protect your skin and nails.

Now it’s time to get motivated and dare, I say it, Happy Cleaning!

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