‘Snackation’ Destination with Smucker’s Products

summer snackation at walmart with smuckers

I was recently asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create some unique tips for using a new product and I wanted to share with you.

Last week I shared with you how I was making my ‘Snackation’ Destination with Smucker’s products for our trip to my hometown. The trip was for my yearly family reunion and it turned out to be a a success consisting of good weather, family, food, and games.

Since the trip is several hours away, I make some snacks ahead of time with Smucker’s Jif Whips, Strawberry Jam, celery, apples, and bread.  I like to keep it simple and  wanted to make sure I prepare everything the night before so we can just grab it and get on the road. Smucker’s makes the perfect already prepared products that are easy for busy moms and dads. Or you can get creative with other products they carry such as Jam, Whips, and more.

jif whips

Celery and peanut butter go hand in hand and provide a good crunching snack. I cut up the celery stalks and added some Jif Whips to each celery piece so they can be easy to grab and eat.

The Jif to go Dippers and Uncrustable’s are already made for on the go so there is no need to prepare anything. The Jif to go Dippers come in a handy container with 2 separate compartments for the crisps and peanut butter for easy dipping. The Uncrustable’s are already made up so you can just throw then in the fridge overnight to thaw and serve the next day.

smuckers uncrustables

If you don’t have time to thaw out, making Homemade Uncrustables is easy to do with bread, Jif Whips, Smucker’s Jam, and sandwich cutter and sealer.

Smucker’s can turn any place into a ‘Snackation Destination‘ with their simple products. What would you make for your ‘Snackation’ Destination?

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