Simple Mom Hacks to Make More Time for Yourself

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Motherhood is beautiful and amazing and wondrous and… hard. It comes with so many demands and very little time to devote to yourself. Most moms know very well that they should be spending more time on themselves, but the big questions is how? Busy moms, whether working or at home or a mix of the two, have to get creative to make more time for themselves when time itself is short. I’m always thinking of every possible hack to save on time and came up with a list of simple hacks that do that so you can have more time for yourself because you deserve it. 

Simple Mom Hacks to Make More Time for Yourself

Make It a Routine
Practice good self- care and make it part of your routine everyday. Easy ways to make it part of the norm include waking up an hour before the rest of your household, using nap time as “me” time, walking on your lunch break at work, or snagging 15 minutes of alone time in your locked bedroom when your partner comes home.

Skip the Pharmacy
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Schedule It In
Add dedicated time for yourself on the family calendar. If hiking is your thing, schedule an afternoon hike alone or with a friend for every other weekend. If pampering yourself is what you love, book a massage once a month—ask for half hour or repeat customer specials if you’re keeping your budget in mind. Whatever you decide to do, adding it to the schedule means you’re less likely to put it off, and the rest of the family can see that it is a priority.

Break It Up
For many busy moms, scheduling big chunks of time to dedicate to one’s self just isn’t possible. Try breaking up your alone time into small chunks. Instead of trying to find a way to get away for an hour, aim for 3-5 minutes at a time several times a day. It might not seem like much at first, but that time really adds up by the end of the day.

Outsource It
We all want to be that super mom but it’s okay to hire help. Raising kids and managing a household is a lot of work. Look into services like grocery delivery and housekeeping. If you have a nanny, sitter, or mother’s helper, ask about the addition of light housework into their regular duties. There are even companies that offer affordable wash and fold laundry services, some with drop off and pick up add-ons.

Time Block 
Time blocking is often promoted as a tool to maximize productivity during working hours. However, it’s also extremely useful when juggling various responsibilities of life. Time blocking for you might look like doing all of the laundry on Saturday instead during the week. By completing one task or many similar tasks all at once, you maximize your effectiveness and decrease the total amount of time spent on that task. The less time busy moms spend on more menial tasks, the more time they have to spend on

With all these tips you’ve just saved several hours, what do you plan to do for yourself?

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