Reasons Why Internet Security is Important for Your Family

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Reasons Why Internet Security is Important for Your Family

Nowadays we wonder how safe the internet really is as there are so many that can happen such as identify theft, viruses, email hacks and cyber crime. And with all of that going on we have to worry about the safety of our kids on the internet. Don’t be a victim of these incidents and make sure your internet is secured with CUJO a smart firewall for your home available at Best Buy.

Have more than one device? No problem, CUJO can secure all devices connecting to the WiFi router.  It detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks while letting you control what your kids access online and keeping them safe. Take these reasons into consideration and why internet security is important for your family.

Reasons Why Internet Security is Important for Your Family

Detects Threats Early
Having an anti-virus protection on your internet helps gets rid of Malware that may sneak into your system that you might not see. With repeatedly scans of anti-virus running on your devices can help get rid of these threats detected early enough to avoid ruining your computer completely.

Blocks out Hackers
Hackers can get into sensitive information on your devices such as personal, banking, social security and more. If your computer is unsecured this makes it easy for anyone to get all this information with a few clicks of a button. With internet security this can help block out the hackers and prevent online crime.

Keeps Kids Safe
Kids are using electronics devices at early ages. While you should always teach your kids about internet safety, having a secured internet takes an important role also. The CUJO Smart Firewall has several parental control features for all devices such as, internet filter, time limits, social media monitoring, alerts and reporting, able to pause the internet, remote administration, along with user and profile settings.

It’s easy to set up the CUJO Smart Firewall. All you have to do is connect to the router and control with the app. It has a business-level internet security and blazing fast with 1GB ethernet.  And the design itself does not take up much room and can be put anywhere in the house.  Check out the Best Buy website for more information about CUJO.

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