Reasons Why Back to School Eye Exams are Important

Holy Cow! It’s Back to School time already. Where did the summer go? Whether we are ready or not we have to face it and go back to reality. Start with an annual eye exam for the kids so they are prepared for the first day. One place we love to go is VisionWorks. Not only do you get the best service ever but the exams and glasses are affordable with many trendy styles to choose from. And get this….most glasses are done in an hour. So while waiting for the glasses, you can go have lunch, do some Back to School shopping or run errands. No need to make a special trip back next week or so to get pick up. It’s so convenient especially for us busy parents.

So why do the kids need another eye exam you ask? Well, it’s actually kind of important and I’ve come up with several reasons why listed below. Add the kids eye exam to your “To Do” list and Happy Back to School!

Reasons Why Back to School Eye Exams are Important

Learning is 80% Visual.
A huge chunk of learning at school is visual. If vision is not good this can be a disadvantage in school. Sometimes you may not know that your child is having vision problems and even if it’s small the appropriate eye wear can make a huge difference in school.

Visual Screenings are not the Same.
Yes, the kids get a visual screening at school but it is not the same as an eye exam. An eye exam can go more in-depth to make sure the eyes are working properly rather than just checking distance like a screening does.

Kids Bodies are Changing.
You know how your child goes to put on a pair of pants and they are somewhat shorter than what they were 2 weeks ago. They’re growing and their eyes do the same thing. Vision changes often as they grow and prescriptions can change as well.

Technology takes a Toll on the Eyes.
Everything is pretty much digital nowadays and that can take a major toll on the eyes. Kids are spending long periods of time on the computer, video games, phones and more. This is starting to happen at a younger age which can cause distance vision problems.

It’s crazy to think that many kids have not had an eye exam ever so it’s exam important for their health and school performance to get one before the first day. For more information and to schedule an exam head on over to the Visionworks website.

Disclosure: I was given a gift card to Visionworks to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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