Ozobot – A Creative Way for Kids to Play


My son wanted a pet for his birthday but due to certain circumstances it is not something we can due right now. Instead we got him a Ozobot as his pet for his birthday.

What is a Ozobot?

It is an award-winning smart robot that moves, plays, and dances through color code patterns. There are certain Ozocodes you can draw to make him move a certain way. You can use basic white paper and draw lines and patterns for the way you the Ozobot to move or you can the free app for IOS and Android and watch him go.

When my son opened up his Ozobot for the first time his face lit up and was curious as to what it was. When I said it was his pet and showed him how to work the smart robot he got even more excited. For hours he spent drawing different patterns on white paper and watching Ozobot go. When he is not using the Ozobot he puts him back in his safe place of his box that he came with.

ozobot color patterns

Using the basic Crayola markers in colors, red, blue, black, green, and using the color patterns found in the instructions booklet you can make your Ozobot do many things.

If I want my Ozobot to go fast, zigzag, then jump right, I would do the following color codes in a row to make him follow.

ozobot color codes

Not only is this entertaining for kids but it also is a great way to interact with robots and give them a creative way to play.

When you purchase the Ozobot Kit you will receive: 1 Ozobot, 1 standard cover skin, game & instruction cards, 1 protective carrying case, and 1 custom micro-usb cable. You can find Ozobot on

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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