33 New Year’s Resolution Ideas You Can Stick To

new years resolution ideas you can stick to

Let’s be realistic about New Year’s Resolutions as they may not be easy to keep. Some people set the bar too high to achieve their goals and in the end just give up. The idea is to keep it simple so you have a better chance of sticking with it and achieving your resolution. Below is a list of 33 New Year’s resolution ideas you can stick to. Even if you accomplish your resolution once in 2016 you have made an achievement. Happy New Year!

33 New Year’s Resolution Ideas You Can Stick To

1. Get a health check up.
2. Read a book.
3. 30 minutes of “me time” a month.
4. Take more pictures.
5. Get in touch with an old friend.
6. More family nights.
7. More date nights.
8. Go outdoors more.
9. Watch less TV.
10. Take vitamins daily.
11. Be more positive.
12. Smile more.
13. Wake up a little bit earlier.
14. Write in a journal.
15. Send a card to someone just to say hello.
16. Make one meatless meal a week.
17. Floss.
18. Pay it forward.
19. Think before you say.
20. Listen to a podcast.
21. Give a compliment.
22. Re-purpose an item you already own.
23. Rearrange a room.
24. Clean out the dryer vent.
25. Try a copycat recipe instead of eating out.
26. Clean 15 minutes a day.
27. Create a memory.
28. Count to 10 before you yell.
29. Leave the house 5 minutes early.
30. Take a defense class.
31. Listen more.
32. Waste less.

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