New “It’s Electric” Groovy Lab in a Box

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Groovy Lab in a Box is introducing its new box called “It’s Electric”. This groovy SINGLE box will let you explore static electricity, origin and structure of the atom, paper circuits, switches, a groovy door alarm to keep any trespassers out of your room and much, much more!

You may have remembered my review on Groovy Lab in a Box that my son tried and tested it out. He is fascinated with science and had a blast with the experiments. The boxes are perfect for kids ages 8 and up.

Every Groovy Lab in a Box comes with a groovy, retro-themed Lab Notebook where STEMists will take notes, draw pictures, redesign their engineering projects and apply their critical thinking skills.

Plus, all groovy STEMists get access to the Beyond…in a Box web portal for additional groovy learning and STEM fun!

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