National Hugging Day: Baymax was Voted the Most Huggable Character

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Did you know that there is a National Hugging Day? I was not aware of this day but so happy to hear that Baymax won as the most huggable character. He looks like he would give a great hug. Disney’s Big Hero 6 will be available nationwide on Digital HD DVD on Feb. 3 and on Blu-ray Combo Pack on Feb. 24.

After much deliberation and even more hugging, Baymax, the lovable personal companion robot and star of Walt Disney Animation Studio’s action-packed comedy adventure and Academy Award® Nominated film “Big Hero 6,” was today named Most Huggable Character of 2015 on National Hugging Day™!

The coveted award was presented by the Ambassador of Hugs, Kevin Zaborney, founder and creator of National Hugging Day.™ Baymax humbly accepted the award from his residence in San Fransokyo where he attributed the honor to his “non-threatening, huggable design” and said he looks forward to spending the upcoming year giving and receiving hugs from all.

The Most Huggable Character Award coincides with this month’s National Hugging Day™ held annually on January 21. National Hugging Day™ was created to encourage people around the world show more affection in public. There is only one way you are supposed to celebrate the holiday: offer a hug to anyone and everyone you want.

For more information, please visit the Official Website, Facebook ,or Tweet us.


What are the benefits of a hug?

  1. Hugs make us feel “happy”!
  2. Hugs alleviate stress!
  3. Babies need hugs as much as water and food!
  4. Hugs make us better students!
  5. Hugs improve our game!
  6. A hug a day keeps the doctor away!
  7. A hug stops the bug!
  8. A hugging heart is a healthy heart!
  9. A hugging couple is a happy couple!
  10. Hugs let someone know you care without having to say a word!

Be sure to give someone a hug today and pick up Disney’s Big Hero 6 on Digital HD DVD on Feb. 3 and on Blu-ray Combo Pack on Feb. 24.

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