My Morning Routine

Updated October 1, 2018

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My Morning Routine

My mornings used to consist of getting the kids up and ready for school and then going right back to bed waking up around noon. I’ve always wanted to be a morning person but was more of a night owl person as I would stay up till as late as 3 am and then sleeping till noon or 1 pm.

That all changed when I recently got a full-time job outside the home last month. Now that I have to be at work by 7 am it was time to adjust getting up earlier. At first, I started to stretch it out as much as I could but then I realized I was rushing to get out the door and that is not me. I needed more time so I changed my routine and found that getting up at 4:30 am was the best time and increased my productivity plus gave me some time to relax a bit. I broke down my morning routine below.

My Morning Routine

4:30 AM
I make sure to set several alarms so I am up on time. Believe there are times where I’m like just 15 more minutes but then I feel guilty that I won’t have enough time to get everything done so I just get up. Since I work out in the evening, I make sure to shower and dry my hair before bed that way I can just take a refresher shower without washing my hair again. Then I get dressed, curl my hair and put my makeup on.

5:00 AM
This is my time where I can take a moment to myself and clear my head. I brew a cup of NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® 2 in 1 Coffee + Creamer Single Serve Pods, French Vanillaor Hazelnut, sit on the couch and watch TV. I love the combination of NESCAFÉ® medium roast coffee with delicious COFFEE-MATE® French Vanilla flavored creamer together in the same pod. Can we talk about a time saver?! I literally just stick the pod in my coffee maker and let it do the work. For best results, shake the pod before brewing and run hot water through brewer after use to prevent blockage.

5:30 AM
After I enjoyed my cup of coffee and some me time I take a little bit of time to tidy up around the house and pack lunches. I keep the tidying to a minimal such as putting away dishes, wiping up the kitchen counter or gathering dirty clothes.

5:50 AM
I open up my project planner book to see what blog projects I have due that day and take the time to get them prepared from writing to editing photos and scheduling on social media. I also use this time to answer emails.

6:20 AM
Now that I have myself ready to go and it’s time to get the kids up to get ready for school. This is a task in itself cause my kids are not morning people at all. I wonder where they get it from? hmmm.. It usually takes me till about 6:30 am before they get up and moving.

6:45 AM
Finally, everyone is ready and it’s time for the kids to catch the bus and myself to leave for work.

Now I can finally say that I am a morning person. I love getting so much accomplished and not feeling rushed. Plus, the fact that NESTLÉ® COFFEE-MATE® 2 in 1 Coffee + Creamer Single Serve Pods, French Vanilla saves me even more time and is available at Walmart (shipped to store or online grocery pick-up) with an Ibotta rebate of $2.50 off any 1 COFFEE-MATE® Coffee Pod (10 ct.) is the cherry on top.

How do you handle your mornings?

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