My Long Story Short – Living with ADD

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Living with ADD

“Everyone Needs Deadlines” – Walt Disney

My long story shorts starts back about 3 years ago when I was diagnosed that I have ADD. I honestly think I have had it all my life but really did not think I had it or basically was in denial. It got so bad that I had to go and see a doctor. When he asked me a series of questions and everyone was a “Yes”,  I held my head in shame when he told me that I have ADD. I struggle daily to finish anything or let alone concentrate. To complete this post took me weeks and I would begin to start it and then go onto something else after a few sentences.


I just felt like I was going no one and not accomplishing anything. I was prescribed a medication that I take daily but it does not cure ADD. It is suppose to help it but some days I feel it does nothing for me. While I have just given up hope and thought I will never be the same again until I discovered the quote “Everyone Needs Deadlines” by Walt Disney and he is exactly right because without deadlines I would never accomplish anything –ever.


So now I take this quote with me everywhere as I have it engraved on a CROSS Pen to remind me that it’s okay to have ADD because if I just set a deadline for everything in my planner I can get things accomplished. With that being said having a daily reminder whether it is engraved somewhere or in your head can help you succeed at anything.

Being that CROSS Pens are my favorite and only type of pens that I use you can tell a long story short with a simple saying engraved on their pens. It makes a lasting memory or achievement reminder for anyone on your holiday list. They are always on my wish list!



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