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Meet the Boys of A Wrinkle In Time

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For the past few weeks all we talked about were the girls from the movie A Wrinkle In Time so now it’s the boys turn. This includes Levi Miller (“Calvin”), Deric McCabe and (“Charles Wallace Murry”). While I was in LA I had the chance to interview Levi and Deric. We talked about what it was like working with Oprah, Mindy, and Reece, playing an evil role and flying on a robotic arm.

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On Deric Becoming Evil

In the movie, you see this cute and sweet boy that eventually turns evil from the IT. We asked him what his process was to get into that character.

“So while Ava would tell me I had to be the sweetest boy in the universe, and then she’d tell me darkest mind in the world. To transition to evil I just thought I had to be the darkest mind in the universe and so I had to get my mental mind to be a dark mind.”

When asked which role of good or evil does he like playing the most he said,

“Everybody always tells me that I did better as the bad version so that’s my favorite.”

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Flying on a Robotic Arm

In the film, they do a lot of green screen shots. While filming getting a mental image might not be the same as when you see it on the big screen. We asked Deric and Levi if their image matched up and what it was like during the flying scene.

Deric“My image was not really the same ‘cause I mean it’s green. The lights were bright lights and they were flashing and I’m like, that is no way what I pictured. I thought it was gonna be lightning and then it’s like a tentacle.”

Levi“So they had this robotic arm to use for the flying scene on the green screen because it looked more flowing. And so they chose the robotic arm and it was interesting, ‘cause it was quite fun. They suspend you in mid air and you feel weightless, like there’s no gravity whatsoever. It’s a strange feeling. You get butterflies but it’s weirdly- it’s really calm as well.”

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On Their Favorite Mrs.

We asked them both who their favorite Mrs. is promising not to tell. And while both of them said all three are there favorite there was one Mrs. they each connected with while filming.

Deric“I mean I like all of them but I really connected with Reese Witherspoon. I mean she was super nice. She hugged me every day. She smelled so good.”

Levi“I was always inspired from Oprah from when I was really young. So, I mean, being able to meet and actually talk with Oprah was surreal. She’s so down to earth. It was incredible.”

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