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Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

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It’s a new year and time to clean out the medicine cabinet of expired medicine along with medicines and products you no longer use. After you make room, this will be a good time to restock up on the essentials you need to stay healthy this year. It’s also theraputic to get rid of the old and start with new. Plus, when you have items on hand makes it easier to avoid having to run out and pick something when you’re not feeling good.

Some items to take into consideration when stocking up to stay healthy is Align Dualbiotic Gummy, 54 Count, Metamucil Cinnamon Thins, Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash, Spring Water and Vicks VapoCool Severe Medicated Drops.

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Cold & Flu

Vicks VapoCool Drops 

When your sore throat pain is at it’s worst, Vicks VapoCool Drops can help give a powerful rush of cooling relief. These are especially helpful when your throat gets scratchy as I like to keep some in my purse or office draw for when I need them.

Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash

Washing hands is extremely important to help get rid of germs. Using Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash is tough on germs killing 99.9% using antibacterial ingredients but gentle on the skin.

Daily Health

Align Dualbiotic Gummy

Align Dualbiotic Gummy can help support a healthy gut as it contains a prebiotic fiber and inulin to help nourish good bacteria in your digestive system. The gummies are naturally flavored containing less than 1 gram of sugar per gummy and is great tasting. Taking these daily is a great way to support your immune system helping you to stay healthy throughout the year.


Getting daily fiber can help in so many ways such as controlling your appetite, trapping and removing the waste, feel lighter, and less sluggish. With Metamucil cinnamon thins you are getting 100% natural psyllium fiber to help promote digestive health and regularity with no artificial sweeteners or colors. 

Having the right supplies on hand can prepare your family when they are not feeling well. You can find all of these items in the pharmacy section at Walmart. Have a healthy new year!


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