Meaningful Beauty Review: First Impressions

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Shhh…. there is a secret to great looking skin and Cindy Crawford has the answer to it. It is called Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Ever wonder how her skin always looks fantastic? This is the answer. I take pride into keeping my skin looking young for as long as I possibly can and willing to try anything to keep it that way. I got the chance to try out the new skincare line and it arrived right before Christmas. I received the following items listed below and brief description about each one and what I think about them.

Skin Softening Cleanser – This mild, non-irritating face cleanser is designed to provide a healthy clean without stripping skin of natural oils. The product is a creamy texture so it goes on the face smoother while still getting the dirt and makeup off the face. The creamy texture made my face feel soft and moisturized.

Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules Advanced Formula – These single-dose capsules are not ones you swallow. You take the concentrated rejuvenating serum and apply it to your face after you cleanse your skin to help smooth lines on the face. As I get older I tend to notice my crow’s-feet more and more. This serum helped reduce the appearance of my crow’s-feet and those unwanted lines on my face.

Antioxidant Day Creme – Sunscreen on my face has become a daily routine to prevent aging. With this day creme I can get my daily dose of the anti-aging ingredients I need to clarify, brighten and even skin tone with an SPF of 20.

Lifting Eye Creme Advanced Formula – As I mentioned before that I noticing my crow’s-feet as I age an eye creme also does the trick. This formula offers a dual-action anti-aging serum that helps visibly lift skin and acts as a non-invasive line filler. Not only will it temporarily smooth out my wrinkles but also make my skin look more even and fresh.

Glowing Serum – This product might be the big factor of Cindy Crawford’s secret. The soy protein, marine botanicals and antioxidants help restore the skin while brightening up. I love to use when I did not get a good night’s sleep or if I am going out for the night. It instantly brightens my face with that perfect glow and just a little dab is all you need.

Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck Treatment – Not only is this product designed to help visibly firm and tighten the place we often neglect but will also brighten the neck area as well. We often forget that the neck ages with the face so to take care of it is important too.

Creme de Serum – Three of the best ingredients fighting signs of aging into one bottle. The ingredients include: superantioxidant melon complex, anti-aging peptides and hyaluronic acid. It is a serum so you only need a little bit about the size of a dime or nickel and apply to the face and neck. With the colder temperatures my skin has been dyer. I have noticed that this helped with the hydration of my skin while protected it.

Skin Polishing Brush – Using a rotating brush on your face will not only get rid of dead skin cells but give more of radiant looking skin. I like that there were 2 speeds so if my skin need more attention I can adjust the speed. And the best part about this brush is that I can use it on my elbows where they are dry to get the dry skin off and leave it looking smooth.

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So as you can see in the kit you get a fair amount of amazing products to give your skin the vitamins they need so be protected by signs of aging. I have only been using the products for about one week now but should see a difference in as little as 4 weeks.

These are the steps I take when using the products but yours may be different.


  • Apply Skin Softening Cleanser to the Skin Polishing Brush and cleanse my skin while the brush rotates.
  • Towel dry face.
  • Apply the Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules Advanced Formula on my face where needed.
  • Apply the Antioxidant Day Creme with SPF 20.
  • Apply the Skin Brightening Decollete and Neck Treatment to my neck.


  • Apply Skin Softening Cleanser to my face and cleanse skin with fingertips.
  • Towel dry face.
  • Apply Creme de Serum.
  • Apply Lifting Eye Creme Advanced Formula around the eye area.

I apply the Glowing Serum when needed in the morning or evening after I moisturize.

What is your skincare concern and what product are you excited to try?


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