LG Combination Double Wall Oven at Best Buy

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LG Combination Double Wall Oven

This is the year we are going to be remodeling our kitchen and I have some ideas in mind on how I want it. I want a cleaner look and have been seriously considering a double wall oven to make my kitchen look seamless. 

Since I buy all of my appliances at Best Buy, my husband and I decided to head there over the weekend to do some research. After looking into many different wall ovens we both fell in love with the LG combination double wall oven for many reasons that I’m sharing below.

Benefits of the LG Combination Double Wall Oven

Flexibility and Convenience
Get even more cooking flexibility and convenience as the LG combination double wall oven delivers even cooking of convection to the speed of a microwave, and more.

Cook Multiple Dishes
Use both ovens at once to make multiple dishes to get dinner on the table faster. LG’s TurboCook offers speeds of 2-4 times faster than a traditional oven where you can bake several things such as whole chickens, pizzas and more without preheating. 

Cook with Pride
Get the perfect meal every time as the True Convection delivers precise heat for crisp, delicious food. Get the greatest of ease when you bake with LG’s True Convection oven as the technology evenly distributes continual precise heat so food is delicious on the inside, and crisp on the outside.

Seamless Kitchen Design
Get an efficient kitchen design with the LG combination double wall oven. The LG Black Stainless Steel Series looks flawless and has become the standard in today’s homes pairing beautifully with any style or color of surrounding cabinetry. Our next purchase will be matching all of our appliances to the LG combination double wall oven. 

Head on over to your local Best Buy store or visit online at to check out the LG Combination Double Wall Oven and get $500 Off with purchase of a 5-piece LG Kitchen Package through 3/6/19.

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