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Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

Updated February 3, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

We started off our weekend by seeing the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 thanks to Fandango for supplying the tickets. As a fan of Panda’s, Jack Black, Dumplings, and Martial Arts, how could we not see it? It’s been 5 years since the last Kung Fu Panda movie was released and well worth the wait. Check out what my son and I thought of Kung Fu Panda 3 now playing in theaters everywhere.

Movie: Kung Fu Panda 3

Rating: PG

Running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Moviegoers: Mom, 38; Briley, 9

Family faves: Inside Out, Star Wars, Home Alone

Fave movies for grown-ups: Kingsman: The Secret Service, The Revenant, Trainwreck

kung fu panda paradise

Our Review of Kung Fu Panda 3: I knew coming to theater to see Kung Fu Panda 3 that I would be laughing throughout the film because of the hilarious Jack Black and his quirky ways. My son and I were not disappointed and loved how they opened up the story by talking about Po’s adoption. meeting his dad, and visiting the panda village. The interacted between Po and his dad is priceless and so similar to one another. The movie is beautifully designed with bold colors from the scenery to the characters making the 3D version more spectacular.

What’s the story: When Po’s long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise. There, they must team up to defeat an evil, ancient force and restore the kung fu order.

What parents may like about this movie: Not only is it entertaining for kids but also for adults as there are plenty of laughs from this comedy.

What kids will like: It is filled with action, adventure and entertainment from Po’s jokes and his quirky ways.

kung fu panda 3 po and dad

Positive themes: Teaches you to believe in yourself while recognizing and using your talents.

Violence/scare factor: 1/5, The characters practice martial arts throughout the film but no one is harmed.

Sex/Romance: 0/5, There is some flirting from the new panda Mei Mei but that is it.

Bad language: 0/5, No bad language in the movie.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit the Fandango website.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own!

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