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Jiffy Lube can Help make Road Trips Smoother and Safer

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I recently took a road trip with my family over Labor Day Weekend in an RV. We traveled 2 hours away from our home to a campground in our RV for 3 days. This was our first time traveling in an RV together and it was quite the experience. We had a great time bonding as a family and got to know a little more about each other. While we were camping we went fishing, swam, hiking, sat around the campfire, and visited an amusement park.  We love to take several road trips throughout the year visiting family or traveling to a different city/state.

Jiffy Lube Gear

When traveling we light to take our own food and drinks to help cut costs of eating on the road. Keeping a cooler that is light is easier to transport to and from the car and can keep the load of the car lighter. This also makes it easy for us to grab what we need and still be able to make it to our destination without stopping as much.

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To fill up on gas we stop at a Shell gas station. With over 14,000 Shell gas stations located in 50 states you can find a Shell station pretty much anywhere while taking a road trip. And by using my Fuel Rewards Network Card it gives me real savings at participating Shell Gas Stations and is TOTALLY FREE!  Everyday I can use my card to save 3¢ off a gallon. Saving on gas at Shell is so easy and cost-effective for my family and a company I can rely on.

Jiffy Lube can help you with everything you need to make your road trips smoother and safer. They can help keep you up to date with oil changes, the right amount of tire pressure, clean air filters, rotated tires regularly. And they can help make your car or RV safe by cleaning your windows and checking turn signals and headlights to see if they are functioning properly.  Yes, Jiffy Lube does all that when you visit a location near you. I trust Jiffy Lube and have been going there for many years. We usually stop by a Jiffy Lube before we head out on a road trip to make sure our care is safe and up to date before we head out.

If you can’t make it to a Jiffy Lube before a road trip here are five quick tips to make sure your vehicle is road-trip-ready so you can leave worry behind:

  1. Keep Fluids Flowing
    Check the levels of all vital fluids, including motor oil, coolant, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid, and top-off, or change fluids, as needed.
  2. Shine Bright
    Make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals, parking lights and license plate lights are all working. Replace any bulbs that may have burned out and make sure headlights are clean for visibility at night.
  3. Beat the Heat
    Keep a gallon of distilled water in the trunk of your vehicle. If your vehicle starts to overheat, pull over to a safe location as soon as possible. Turn off the vehicle’s engine and safely raise the hood as water and/or steam could spray, resulting in injury.
  4. Get Rid of Junk in the Trunk
    Travel lightly.  Excess weight makes the engine work harder and consume more gasoline.
  5. Keep Your Tires Rolling Along
    Check tire air pressure, including the spare. Over- or under-inflation can weaken your tires, cause uneven tread wear and impact your gas mileage.

To find a Jiffy Lube location near you, visit . You can also find oil change coupons and promotions for your next visit. To keep up to date on the latest news and promotions from Jiffy Lube visit them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.

You can read more and see pictures about our recent road trip here.

Disclosure: I was given the products  featured in this post along with Shell gift cards to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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