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Involve Kids In Decorating: Easy DIY Projects

Involve Kids In Decorating: Easy DIY Projects


Most people think that they should show their creativity only at times of financial crisis. The truth, however, is that you don’t have to be on a tight budget in order to be creative. It is just enough to want to make certain changes in your home using only a few materials. And the best part is that you can use whatever you have in handy, engaging your entire family to help.


Of course, the most enthusiastic about the home-made decoration ideas, are always the children. You can use their enthusiasm and will to look like the adults in order to make them help you create some easy but yet fascinating home-made decorations for your house or apartment.


Let’s start with the easiest ones first:


  • Orange and cloves aroma decoration


Oranges are usually associated with cosiness and comfort, with long winter evenings spent in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. And here is what you can do in order to make your home even cosier, providing it with fresh citrus aroma combines with the fantastic flavour of cloves.


Buy a couple of oranges and some cloves and show your children how to help you. Just grab an orange and pin the pieces of clove all over it, forming different shapes with them. You can either cover the entire orange, or you can pin the pieces of clove on some parts only. Let children use their imagination. You can even provide them with some colourful satin ribbons in order to make the oranges more beautiful. Then put them in a large bowl and enjoy the effect.


  • Colourful paper garlands


You know how they are done, right? If yes, now it’s the perfect timing to show your children how to make a beautiful decoration for their room, and why not for a party or another special occasion for your family?


Grab some colour paper, and cut it in strips with different length and width depending on your personal choice. Show your children how to cut the strips and glue them properly in order to make beautiful colourful garlands which you can use in order to decorate your home.


And why don’t you try something more festive? Here we offer you a couple of ideas:


  • Live Halloween pumpkins


It has never been easier to make these wide-eyed but cute monsters. Buy several small decorative pumpkins and “open” their eyes by using some candy, or plastic eyes. Glue them on the pumpkins and enjoy the presence of these cute little fellows in your home. You can also let your kids use their imagination and decorate the pumpkins with ribbons, straws, paper or pieces of fabric in order to create their unique decorations for Halloween.


  • Glowing Ghosts haunt the house


During the day, these strange balloon ghosts do not look scary at all, but when the night falls, they will show you their true dark side. What do you need to make the ghosts? Choose several white balloons and buy a few glowing sticks. Then put the sticks in the balloons and blow them up. Then draw the eyes and mouths of your balloon ghosts with a black marker and glue them with a colourless adhesive to the wall or the door. You can make your children draw some scary faces on the balloons, but of course, you need to tell them to be careful in order not to pop the balloons.


  • Star wreath


Help your children draw some stars on colourful pieces of cardboard. You can make the stars equal or you can use different sizes. Of course, you can use any other shapes and forms that you like – circles, flowers, moons, etc. stick the stars together so that they form a wreath. Then decorate the wreath with a colourful satin ribbon and hang it. Everything depends on your imagination.


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