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Indoor Winter Fun with the Family

indoor winter fun

Sometimes the winter months can be so “blah” as we are missing the sunshine, warmer weather and going outdoors. I try to make the weekends fun with the family so we can get out some energy and not feel like we are hibernating. Below are some activities my family and I like to do during the winter months.

Build a Fort.
Instead of using chairs and a blanket we use every bit of the 77 pieces from the Discovery Kids Build and Play Constructions Fort Set. It has everything you need for endless hours of fort building fun. After you build your structure you can throw a sheet over top of it. Our favorite is building a castle and using our imagination.

indoor game of uno

Play a game.
Our game closet is over-stuffed with so many options to choose from for family fun but our go to game is UNO. This is one game that never gets old and we tend to get a little bit competitive while playing. But regardless of who wins we always have fun playing together.

indoor fun  the movies

Go to the Movies.
On the days where the weather is nicer we like to get out while we can. When we get out we head to the movies to see the latest family movie in the theaters. Going to an early movie is a plus as it fits our budget for the matinée prices and it is not crowded. Plus, we can get our tickets ahead of time and skip the lines by using Fandango. Just go online, print tickets and use at the kiosk at the theater. No need to wait in line to get your tickets. It’s so easy and saves us time!

indoor winter fun with babybel

Whether your staying in and playing a game, building a fort or going to the movies as a family consider snacking on some Mini Babybel cheese. There are seven varieties of Mini Babybel cheese to choose from and made out of 100% natural cheese. Plus, it’s fun to unwrap the colorful red wax off the packaging! You can find Mini Babybel cheeses in a grocery store near you.

Disclosure: I received the products featured in this post. Opinions are 100% my own.

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