How to Style your Bangs in One Minute


In a hurry and need to style your bangs before you head out the door? Whether your hair is dry or wet check out these quick tips to get some rocking bangs in one minute.


If your hair is wet………..

  1. Mix mousse and a tiny drop of serum of oil and mix together.
  2. Use a paddle brush to and brush while blow drying from underneath the hair to smooth it flat.
  3. If you want volume use a round brush and roll the bangs around the round brush while blow drying.


If you hair is dry………….

  1. Flat iron your bangs with a slight bend at the ends.
  2. If you hair looks greasy add spray some dry shampoo.
  3. If you want volume, spritz some water on your bangs and use a round brush while blow drying your bangs.

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