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How to Stay Organized for Back to School

Before we know it, school will be back in session. Now is a good time to start getting prepared so you are organized by the time school begins. Here is a list on how to stay organized for back to school and avoid it being chaotic.

How to Stay Organized for Back to School

This post is sponsored by Name Bubbles. Any opinions are my own.

Set up a Family Calendar

Knowing everyone’s schedule right in front of you will make it easier to figure out where you need to be. Set up the family calendar on the fridge or in an area that can be visible to the family and put everyone’s appointments, after school activities and such on it. You can color code it, make a key code, etc., whatever works for you and your family.

How to Stay Organized for Back to School with Name Bubbles

Label Everything

Keep the kids’ school supplies organized with labels by Name Bubbles. Label everything from lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks, pencil cases, coats and more. This will ensure that nothing goes missing, mix-ups or sharing of water bottles and such. Name Bubbles are waterproof labels making them dishwasher safe and laundry safe and will stick around for as long as you need them to.

They offer fun designs and personalization to your child’s name. They are cute, functional and the most durable labels made. Designing the labels is easy and only takes minutes with their step by step process. Then, just peel and stick to whatever you want to label and no more digging through the lost and found bin.

Create a Homework/Important Papers Station

This is one organizational trick that will do wonders throughout the entire school year. Having a functional station for homework and important papers will keep papers organized and able to find when needed. Make a space for forms that need a signature and for homework that needs to be done. No more searching all over the house for that permission slip to sign or homework.

Printable Back to School List

Be prepared by the first day of school and print off this Back to School Printable To-Do List. The list has space to write down your to-do list, to buy, lunch plan, reminders and any important notes you may have. You can even print off several copies to stay on track the rest of the school year.

Clean & Organize House

Having a clean organized house is a great relief and makes it much easier to find things once the clutter is gone. Go through the kids clothes and see what fits and doesn’t fit anymore. Think of it as a Marie Kondo kind of declutter and get your house clean and organized as much as you can. The less clutter you have the less stress there will be in the morning.

Prepare Everything the Night Before

This trick is my favorite and saves so much time the next morning. To prepare everything the night before, start with setting out outfits and shoes that kids are going to wear to school. Then, prepare lunches, place them in lunchboxes and put in the fridge, just don’t forget about them the next day. Make sure all homework and important papers are in backpacks and backpacks are set by the front door. You can even go as far as planning dinner the night before making sure it’s ready to go in the crockpot or to be cooked the next day. 

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