How to Save your Phone from Water Damage

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how to save your phone from water damage

Have had your phone take a plunge right into the water? After seeing it merge into water as what it seems like slow motion, you think that the phone is ruined. That may not always be the case as you may be able to save your phone from water damage with these few tips.

How to Save your Phone from Water Damage

      1. Remove the Phone.
        Quickly remove the phone from water. The longer your phone is underwater the more damage it can do.
      2. Disassemble the Phone.
        Make sure the phone is turned off and take out the battery and anything else you can (such as SIM card, phone case, etc.) without damaging the phone.
      3. Quick Dry.
        Gently pat it dry with a towel. You can also blow some of the water out with compressed air (try not to get the water into other areas of the phone).
      4. Dry it out with Rice.
        Fill a large zip lock bag 1/4 of the way with uncooked rice. Stick the phone in the bag of rice and let it stay in there for a few days or until water is absorb. Amazon also sells Save-A-Phone – Wet Phone Rescue Kit which is a drying pouch for your phone. These are great to keep on hand for an emergency.
      5. Assemble the Phone.
        Once the phone is dry assemble the phone back together and turn it on. If it doesn’t turn on, try charging it or change the battery out.

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