How to Save Money on Prescriptions

Updated August 4, 2019

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How to Save Money on Prescriptions

How to Save Money on Prescriptions

Saving money on prescriptions is something everyone needs. Most people don’t wake up and think “I desire to pay full price for my medicine.” Instead, they look for ways to save money on prescriptions. Saving money on prescriptions comes down to more cash in your pocket. It’s worth looking up these options!

Generic Brand

This is common sense and most pharmacies already go this route. However, in my opinion, the generic brand of prescriptions is always a good idea. When I go to the store for an over the counter medicine, I usually buy the generic anyways. This is because generic drugs have the same ingredients. It’s a no brainer, really!

Ask for a Bigger Quanity

A lot of pharmacies are starting to fill prescriptions for long-term medications in larger quantities. Instead of doing it one month at a time, they may do it for 3 months at a time. This can save time and money for everyone involved! Just make sure you portion your prescriptions like they’re supposed to be.

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Use the Inside Rx Savings Card

Using Inside Rx can save an average of 78% on generic medications and 37% on brand medications for the entire family including your pet’s medications at over 50,000 pharmacies in the U.S and Puerto Rico! There is no registration and it’s 100% free! The Inside Rx Pets card can be used for medications for humans that are commonly prescribed for pets. Some restrictions apply, so please review the terms.

All you need to do is go to and download the savings card. Then search for your medication and find the best deal and closest pharmacy near you and show the card at the pharmacy. This is a great card to use especially if you have high out of pocket costs or no insurance.

Inside Rx is not insurance. Use is subject to eligibility restrictions and other terms and conditions at

Look for the Best Deal

Believe it or not, the price for your prescription may vary from one pharmacy to the next. You may love the drug store on the corner, but they may not offer you the best deal. Always price out different pharmacies and call around because this is going to save you the most money. At there’s a price comparison tool (showing prices for persons using the Inside Rx card) that can help!

Ask for Samples from the Doctor

Most people already know about this money saving trick on prescriptions, but always ask for samples! Doctor offices may be willing to hand the samples over to you because they have your best interest in mind and want you to stay healthy and well.

I would say that these are some excellent ways to save money on prescriptions. Go through this list and try to save the most money that you can. Your options aren’t limited when it comes to saving money! If you need a prescription, do what you can to save money on it, so it’s more affordable.

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