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How To Save Funds and Spot A Cowboy Moving Company

Updated August 28, 2015

How To Save Funds and Spot A Cowboy Moving Company2

How To Save Funds and Spot A Cowboy Moving Company

It’s a fact of life that whilst on the whole people are good at heart, there exist occasional exceptions to this rule – people who put profits before people, and lie and cheat, can be found in every walk of life. The same applies to moving companies. This is why you need to be careful when you enlist the services of a removal agency.

Hiring cowboy movers can cost you a load of money (and even your possessions!), and cause you a great deal of emotional heartache and stress. That’s why we have put together a comprehensive – but brief – guide to spotting a cowboy removal company. This is not only important for helping you avoid what unscrupulous elements exist within the removal services industry, but also inversely a set of great pointers for finding a truly excellent moving company to serve you. Thankfully, the public are in luck – the vast majority of companies in the sector are very good removal firms. There do exist some less savoury moving companies out there however – so be wary, and study this guide!

For a start, keep an eye out for extremely low quotes being offered. When you research moving companies, you will encounter many figures in quotes – this is to be expected. However, if one company quotes you what sounds like an extraordinarily cheap moving services price, and it sounds too good to be true, then it almost certainly is. Don’t be suckered in by low prices!

Second, only deal with companies who are willing to conduct a pre-move assessment of your cargo. Disreputable removal firms companies out for a fast buck won’t have any interest in visiting you at home to gauge your needs first-hand; the best removal services providers, and the ones worth speaking to, will be more than happy to – and, in fact, may insist on it. It’s that simple!

Third, avoid companies that ask for upfront payments. Whilst this may sound obvious, some shoddy removal firms have been known to dress up advance payments as ‘deposit’ fees – whilst many good to great removal men may ask for a small, token deposit, or a have a policy of charging booking fees, these costs shouldn’t be significant.

Fourthly, don’t speak to companies that strictly insist on online or email booking. Whilst in the web age, many of us are used to utilising the internet to complete many tasks we might have previously conducted over the phone, removal services are best booked the old-fashioned way, and may well always will be! If the removal services company doesn’t offer you a phone number, and won’t speak with you directly, you know you’ve come across a cowboy endeavour!

Speaking of telephone contact, the attitude you encounter when you call is also a giveaway – you should encounter a ‘can do’ attitude and enthusiasm for your move and moving services. If they don’t sound stimulated at the prospect of providing you with moving services, think twice about employing them!

A moving company’s offices are always a tell-tale sign of their quality, too. If they’re shabby, or messy, then steer well clear! Whilst it’s not fair to expect moving firms to conduct their operations out of a gleaming skyscraper, at the same time, if they’re worth speaking to their offices will be professionally kept and reasonably upmarket. If a removals business can’t keep their own offices in a decent state, think about how they’ll treat your possessions!

Happy hunting!


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