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How to Manage Homework

Updated April 13, 2018

How to Manage HomeworkIf you have school age children then you know all about homework! There are times when homework becomes a big challenge for parents and kids. We all want our children to grow up enjoying learning but homework can sometimes but a damper on that. Teaching your children how to manage their homework, can teach them to love learning!

How to Manage Homework

Set a Schedule

Creating a homework schedule is an easy way to manage homework. Once you have a schedule down your kids will know exactly when it is time to do homework. So you might say when you get home you can have a snack and then it’s time for homework. Or maybe for your family doing homework works best after dinner. The key is keeping the homework schedule consistent so there isn’t any confusion.

Stay Organized

Have a station in your home where homework is completed at. This station should also hold any supplies your child might need to complete their homework. You should create your homework station in an area of the home where there is minimal distractions. The station should have a flat writing surface, a sturdy chair, paper, pencils, erasers and anything else needed.

Encourage Independent Working

Encouraging your child to work independently will help them manage their school work. They will learn to look for answers and not always ask for them. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t help your son or daughter, but give them the opportunity to think about the answer first. Working independently creates good work and study habits.

Encourage Reading

Children who love to read typically don’t mind homework as much. Encourage your child to read in his or her free time. Let them pick books that are of interest to them. Reading as a hobby will make homework time a lot easier. It will also help to improve comprehension which makes homework time less frustrating for the child.

Make it Fun

Try to make homework time a fun time! Making homework time fun is usually easier with little kids since their homework is a lot more “fun”. Try to be light-hearted and supportive when your child is getting frustrated or can’t figure out what they are supposed to do. When math or science problems arise try to unconventional techniques. Instead of looking in the book and explaining the dry and boring version, have some fun with it. Turn a science question into an experiment or use fruit snacks to help with a math question.

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