How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Updated February 9, 2016

how to have a successful garage sale


How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage sale bargain hunting seems to be a favorite pastime of many. For the buyer, they are looking for a way to save money by getting a gently used item that still works. Bargain hunters love to buy stuff at garage sales as it is far less expensive than it is at the retail store. Here are some tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

Tips on Having a Successful Garage Sale

  1. Plan Ahead– Having a successful garage sale takes a lot of planning. Items need to be sorted, tested, cleaned, priced and then put away until the day of your garage sale.
  2. Clear Pricing– Use masking tape and permanent marker to clearly mark the price of the item. Not having price tags on items will confuse you and turn off your potential buyer.
  3. Check the Weather– No one likes to have a garage sale on a rainy day unless it actually is in a garage. Rainy days are definitely not a favorite of a bargain hunter and many will think twice about garage sale bargains on a rainy day. Check the weather forecast at least a week ahead of the date you have planned. Better yet still, have an alternative day scheduled in case of bad weather.
  4. Be Prepared to Sell for Less– Be prepared to lower your prices. This will help to get your stuff sold. Price them a little higher when writing the prices. That way you can possibly get what you originally hoped to get when the item sells.
  5. Have an Ample Supply of Change– Have an ample supply of change on hand before the day of your garage sale. A handyman apron works well for this purpose.
  6. Put the Sign up Early– Put your Garage sale sign up around the area at least 3 days before the sale to let customers be aware of the sale.
  7. Advertise– You can advertise for free on Craigslist under the Garage Sale category. I would advertise a week ahead of time and the several times before the sale. Be sure to put the date, time and address of the sale so customers know when to come and go.
  8. Plan Around other Garage Sales– Check to see if other Garage Sales will be going on in the neighborhood such as a community sale. If you plan your Garage Sale around this time you may get more customers since they will already be in the area.
  9. Offer Treats or Coffee– Advertise that you will have treats such as donuts or cookies and coffee at your sale. You could even charge a small fee. This may draw in customers who don’t have time for breakfast.
  10. Place Large and Best Items out Front– Some customers do a drive-by to see what you have to offer. If they see you have some great items placed outside of the garage could draw in some customers.

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