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How to Create the Perfect Summer Backyard Picnic

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perfect summer backyard picnic

You don’t need to leave your house to have a picnic. In fact you can have a picnic right in your backyard with just a few supplies. It’s a great way to get a change of scenery with a perfect view of the green grass and sky on a summer day. Here’s a complete list of what you need using items from around your house to create the perfect summer backyard picnic. 

backyard picnic ideas

Set the Area

You don’t need anything fancy to set up a picnic in the backyard. Set the area by laying down a blanket or sheet on the grass. Next, add pillows or cushions to sit or lay on. Then, display some beautiful flowers and add the table setting. I like to use outdoor dishes because they are sturdier but if you want an easier cleanup you can use disposables.

No Cook Menu

Create a simple menu that requires no cooking. Try items such as sandwiches, salads, fruit and veggies. Small mason jars also work great to put salads and fruit in. If you don’t have a picnic basket to transport the food outside, any kind of basket or tray will do. 

how to create a picnic in the backyard

Save Your Skin

Since you’ll be outside enjoying a picnic on a beautiful day, the sun rays will be shining down on you so don’t forget the sunscreen. Or if you tend to be out later in the day when the mosquitos are out, don’t forget the bug repellent. Click on the image below to purchase the products and add them directly to your cart.

Protect Your Gut

With all of this eating throughout the summer can really take a toll on your gut and diarrhea can be one of them. IMODIUM® Multi-Symptom Relief found at Walmart is helping me get through the summer season of eating and by taking it I can get that sense of relief of digestive comfort and enjoy those moments with family at our occasional backyard picnic. You can easily order the products online for pick-up or delivery.

No OTC brand is faster or more effective for diarrhea relief. It combines two powerful ingredients for fast relief of diarrhea*. Plus relief of gas, cramps, and bloating *Starts to work within one hour. IMODIUM® is the #1 doctor recommended brand of OTC anti-diarrheal products for over 20 years. I can finally not have to worry about running to the bathroom and able to enjoy the foods that I eat. If diarrhea is not the issue LACTAID® and PEPCID AC® can also help you get through the summer.

How to Create the Perfect Summer Backyard Picnic

Enjoy the Moment

Take this time to enjoy the moment being outdoors, in a different setting and with family. This is a great time to turn off technology, eat some food and just talk to one another.  These moments don’t last forever so soak it all in.

I hope this list helps you in creating the perfect summer backyard picnic. Did I miss anything? 

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