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How to Create a Gift Closet

Updated February 9, 2016


One thing I like to have is a gift closet. It is perfect for those situations where you need a quick gift, but don’t have the time or maybe even the money to run to the store. Gift closets are easy to create and can be filled with inexpensive gifts in a matter of a few months with some simple tips I have listed below to get you started. Here are 5 tips to get you started!

    1. Find the perfect location.
      You will want to keep the gift closet out of reach from the children to avoid them from peeking in the gifts and taking them for themselves. You can use part of a closet, under a bed, or in storage tubs hidden in a crawl space. You can pick up a Rubbermaid 42-Inch Three-Handle Low-Profile Box with Cedar Inserts for your under the bed storage which comes with 3 handles to make it easy to pull it in and out from under the bed.
    2. Organize your Gifts.
      Organize the gifts by age group or gender. Usually for my kids, I take 3 storage bins and separate the toys for each of kids. For all other gifts, I divide them into two. One bin will have adult gifts and the other one will have kids gifts. I also have another separate organizer of all my gift wrapping essentials that I usually get at the Dollar Stores. You can check out my post here of how I made a gift wrapping organizer inexpensively.
    3. Use Coupons to stock up your Gift Closet.
      Each week there are always deals posted to score free or inexpensive gifts, such as, toys, bath & body products, personal items, and many more. Keep checking the website for the best deals to score items for your gift closet. As we get closer to Christmas, you will find more hot deals to stock your gift closet.
    4. Get Free Gift Cards.
      Gifts Cards are a get gift to give someone you don’t know what to buy for them or for teenagers. I like to get my gift cards for free by taking surveys or using my Swagbucks. I take surveys throughout the year and build up my Swagbucks. When it comes closer to the holidays, I cash out and redeem them for gift cards. Make sure to do it in plenty of time so the gift cards will arrive in time. To sign up for Swagbucks, go here. To find survey companies, check out my post here and here.
    5. Set a Budget.
      Each year I set a budget for each family member and kid and try my best to stick with it. Starting at the beginning of each year, I have $25 taken out of my check every 2 weeks and put into what I call a “Christmas Fund”. I never know it is missing from my check because the amount is so little and it is automatically put into my other account. As I shop throughout the year, I can take out what I need from my “Christmas Fund” and use it to stock on items for my gift closet. I would suggest doing something similar or putting money away every few weeks or monthly and hiding it until you are ready to use. it.

Find what method works for you and stick with. In no time, you will have a gift closet created for easy, on-hand gifts at anytime you need them!

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  • Evelyn Kelly
    October 4, 2013 at 2:04 am

    This idea of creating gift closet is fantastic and very creative. I will also try this at my home. Thanks for providing such unique suggestions.


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