How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Make them Last Longer




The most important tool for putting on your makeup is makeup brushes. Without a proper makeup brush the entire makeup material like the eyeliner, foundations, lip gloss will be worthless to use. The beauty of your Smokey eye, the shine on your cheeks will not be up to the mark. Makeup brushes are one of the basic tools in a makeup bag so it needs to be taken care of properly by following the proper guidelines for cleaning. This will not only make them last longer but will also maintain its effectiveness even after prolonged use.

It is recommended to clean your brushes once a week following certain procedures.

Steps to be followed while cleaning are:

  • Wash the bristles of the makeup brush under warm water. If the handle is made of bamboo then water should not be poured over it. If it has a plastic handle then there is no need of caring for the handle.
  • Brushes of varying size are available like heavy and small brushes. For heavy brushes which are being used in makeup for blush or foundation add a  large drop of baby shampoo over the brushes for cleaning. If using smaller brushes like those needed for eyeliner or concealer add a small drop of baby shampoo for cleaning.
  • Scrub the shampoo until lather is formed. Lather is formed of different colours depending upon the makeup used. Scrub properly and make sure that the shampoo cleans every bristle of the brush. While doing this, precaution needs to be taken for ferrule, which is the metal part connecting the brush and handle. Ferrule should be kept away from shampoo as it may get rusted and lose the painting over it.
  • Rinsing is one of the important part on which some time needs to be spend. Rinse properly until all the lather disappears. Make sure that lather is removed from the middle as well as outer part of the brush.
  • Take a dry towel and blot the brush over it uniformly and in the same direction and manner so as to keep the original shape of bristles intact. Don’t spread the bristles in a circular pattern as this might result in breaking of some bristles as well as lead to deformation.
  • Keep the brush for 24 hours over dry towel and flip it in regular interval.

These steps need to be followed for cleaning a makeup brush every week. This prevents the transfer of old makeups, germs and bacteria on the face and to prevent breakouts.

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