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How to be Comfortable and Warm on the Sidelines

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own.

essentials to be comfortable and warm on the sidelines

How to be Comfortable and Warm on the Sidelines

Attending games whether it’s soccer or football is a huge passion of mine. I love attending the games of my kids and their friends, however, when fall starts to hit, it can get a little cold on the sidelines. As a mom, it’s my job to be prepared. My #1 place to shop for sideline gear to stay warm is at DICK’s Sporting Goods®. Check out what I stock up with and maybe it’ll help you get some ideas for how to stay comfortable and warm on the sidelines.

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Dick’s Logo Chair Pad & Foam Chair Pad

As you know, one of the most important steps to being comfortable and warm is to stay off of the ground. The foam pad I picked up from DICK’s Sporting Goods® helps me to do just that. It’s easy on the bottom and just a great way to sit back and enjoy the game.

Women’s Fleece Igloo Gloves

I’m a big baby when it comes to sitting outside in the cold, so it’s important for me to have a great set of gloves. I can also tell you that these gloves are super comfortable and warm. I was able to keep holding stuff without feeling like I was wearing mittens. I love a good pair of functioning gloves like these!

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Field & Stream Blanket

One of my favorite ways to stay warm thanks to DICK’s Sporting Goods® is with a Field & Stream Blanket. I have kept these blankets at games for years. They’re soft and cozy and just the perfect addition to my “warmth” gear. Since I get cold easily, this is a great product. It’s also easy to wash, so if you spill something on it, while cheering on the sidelines, you can wash it and have it for the next game.

Breast Cancer Stainless Steel Sports Bottle

I’m a sipper of water at games, no matter if it’s cold or hot. I will also drink some coffee or hot chocolate, but I love using my water bottle from DICK’s Sporting Goods® to stay hydrated. All of that cheering can be hard on the vocal cords. Plus, I love that this stainless steel sports bottle supports a good cause that I can get behind.

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Serus Polar Tech Headband

If there is one major part of my body that freezes like it’s nobody’s business, it would be my ears. I love staying warm with my Serus Polar Tech headband. There are two layers to this thick headband. I can guarantee your ears will stay warm while wearing this.

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

If you’ve ever been to a soccer game in the winter weather, it gets super cold. My first year I watched all of the other parents bring hand warmers, but this year I got super smart too. I use Hot Hands Hand Warmers and they’re a life saver in the cold.


Staying warm on the sidelines is important. I want to cheer my kiddos on during their games and thanks to DICK’s Sporting Goods®, I can get everything I need at awesome prices and stay warm all at the same time.

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