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How to Balance Life and Chores with Teenagers

Updated February 9, 2016

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Having a clean house makes me feel good and that I have accomplished something. Now that I am working full-time it is hard for me to get my house cleaned by myself. It was taking me 2-3 days and that is just insane. It was time to get my kids involved and with teenagers that is not always easy. Between their school, activities, and homework they are busy too but we all need to pitch in to make this work.

So how do we manage keeping a clean house with teenagers on such a busy schedule?

assign chores

Here’s how:

  1. Assign chores to everyone in the household.
  2. Keep a chart to mark off when chores are completed.
  3. Spend 15 minutes each day completing those tasks.
  4. Pick one least busy day for laundry day.
  5. Work together as a family and complete any remaining chores at the end of the week.

feet dusters

By taking just 15 minutes each day and completing chores, you will find that most or all of them will be completed by the end of the week. And it is only 15 minutes of your day! That leaves plenty of time for activities and such. If all else fails have fun with the chores. My kids love to put on slipper mops and slide around on the floor.  Try some music as that gets me in the mood to clean while dancing.

chore chart

Having a chore chart makes it easy for everyone to keep track of their chores as mark them off as they go. Every now and then I like to reward my kids when they do good. If you are up to rewarding your kids, try a reward card.  How cute are these chore cards from Libman? Teenagers love a reward too!  After 12 punches they can turn them in for something at the store, a game, etc. Now you may want to put a limit on what they can spend if your kids are like mine and want the most expensive thing.

Staying on top of my teenagers week after week keeps our family structured and a clean household!

What are some ways you clean as a family?

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