A Life Coach Experience from Life Reimagined®

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I will never forget the day of May 27th, 2015 when my boss called me in her office at the end of the day and muttered the words “I am sorry to say this but due to budget cuts we have to let you go”. I was literally shocked in disbelief and the only thing that came out of my mouth was, “That Sucks!”. I left her office still not knowing what to think and had 30 days left till my full-time job with benefits was gone forever.

When I got home, I gave the news to my husband and just broke down in tears wondering what I am going to do. And he told me that everything will be okay and mentioned how I always said I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and this is my chance to do that. Still after months went by I was still sad about being laid off from my job as I felt I should have not of been for many reasons. I have talked to my family and husband so many times about it that I think they were sick of hearing about it and thought I should move on. I needed someone to talk to that would listen to me and help me get back on track. I have always heard of a Life Coach but never experienced speaking with one. I decided it’s a new year and a new me and tried out a Life Coach from Life Reimagined®.

Life Reimagined® is an online life coaching service that:

• Helps you define your personal mission statement

• Gives you the ability to choose your own certified Life Coach from a

team of experts

• Lets you video chat with your Life Coach from the comfort of your home

• Prompts you to create personalized action plans and track your progress

• Connects you with resources and events to help you learn new skills

Our Vision

To provide a place, online and offline, where all people are empowered to define and shape their lives, and to find happiness and purpose.

coach and lifemap

It was easy to get setup as all I had to do was visit the Life Reimagined® website, fill out some information, complete the online life map and card sorting exercise, and schedule my coaching session. I was able to choose from a list of coaches that listed what they were experienced in.

The next day arrived when it was time to meet and talk with my life coach online. I set up my computer a few minutes before the time was scheduled and Paulette arrived on the screen. We could see and hear each other. Completing the online life map and card sorting exercise was a great resource for my life coach as she could view it when I shared my screen and go over it with me. By browsing through my answers she was able to ask questions and give me some suggestions.

life coach screen shot

One thing that caught her attention was that I was so focused on my finances and always being able to stick to a budget for so long. Even though I can’t stick with anything else I seem to stick with my finances and she was curious as to why that was something I could stick to and wanted me to use that method towards other aspects in life. That was my part of my homework assignment after our session. She felt that the time has come to get over being laid off from my job and focus on other goals I wanted to work on.

I felt a huge weight taken off my shoulders after talking with my life coach. I feel she understood me and loved that she listened to everything I said. Her suggestions were point on and can’t wait to get started on my homework assignments to change my lifestyle.

If you have had some changes in my lifestyle and need someone to talk to, I highly recommend a life coach. Not only will you feel better but know that someone will listen to you no matter what. Visit the Life Reimagined® website for more information on a life coach.

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