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How a Selfe of your Home can Save you Money


Selfies have become more and more popular throughout social media. I for one have not mastered the art of taking a good selfie. I usually cut off my head out of the picture or just don’t know where to look at. One selfie I have mastered is the HomeSelfe (pronounced ‘Home Selfie’). This is not your average head shot selfie. It is actually an app that you download onto your smart phone and it helps you save you money. And the best part is that it is FREE!

can save you money


So yo may be wonder what is a HomeSelfe and how it can save you money.  Homeselfe is a free evaluation on your home’s energy inefficiencies and provides you solutions to them. So instead of hiring someone to come out to your home and do an energy audit  that can cost a few hundred dollars, you can have it done in the palm of you hands.



What can a #HomeSelfe do for you?

  • Save you money on your energy bills
  • View your home energy rating
  • Find quality contractors
  • Access rebates


This year I wanted to cut costs in all ways possible and came across HomeSelfe. Since the app was free and easy to use, I thought why not give it a try. To get the app you just download it from your iOS or Android smart phone. Fill out your profile including your home size, current utility companies, etc. The app will go thru a series of questions based on each room of your home to answer. It doesn’t take long to fill out and within minutes you get a full report.

homeselfe report

I am so glad I got the free evaluation of my home because I was able to find out areas where I could save more money and where I could get rebates from. With over $400 in savings a year I could use it towards other things such as my mortgage, college fund, and more.

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Homeselfe also helps you take action. It connects you with qualified local contractors, and provide information on special offers and rebates provided by your local government, so you can quickly earn money back on your upgrades, and start reaping the long-term benefits sooner.

Enter for a chance to win!

They will be giving away (4) – $250 Home Depot gift cards to random winners who complete a Homeselfe. Winners will be chosen at random, and there will be 4 winners each receiving $250 gift cards. The contest ends March 31st. Good Luck!

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