House Cleaned by the Weekend – Steps to Save Time!

Updated February 9, 2016

House Cleaned by the Weekend


House Cleaned by the Weekend. Steps to Save Time

The house needs to be cleaned but no one wants to spend their weekend cleaning it. The weekends are supposed to be the time to relax after a hectic week at work. Right? Sadly, too many people spend the weekend trying to straighten up the untidy appearance of a home. Here is how to have your house cleaned by the weekend. These steps to save time will have your house sparkling clean so you can enjoy the weekend off!

Steps to Save Time on Cleaning the House

  1. Delegate Chores– Everyone in the household contributes to its appearance. If it is messy, make sure everyone pitches in to help clean it up.
  2. Spend Time Cleaning One Room at a Time– Plan on spending 15 minutes to 30 minutes cleaning one room a night. Putting items back in their proper place once it has been used will help on keeping the room clean.
  3. Have a Cleaning Plan– Make a cleaning plan of each room in your house. You can work on cleaning the living room on a Monday and the bathroom on a Tuesday, and so forth. To make the rooms cleaner at a faster pace, your partner can work on one room while you work on another or you can work on each room together to get it clean.
  4. Concentrate on High Traffic Areas– Concentrate on de-cluttering high traffic areas on a nightly basis. Dishes can be placed in the dishwasher before bedtime and unloaded the next day. Food stuff should be disposed of or put away before retiring for the night.

These steps will save time on cleaning your house before the weekend. Getting rid of junk mail as soon as it arrives will also help to eliminate some of the clutter. Careful planning and cooperation by everyone in the household will ensure that your home will be presentable before the weekend. Try this method so you have the weekend off to relax.

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