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Hide TV Cords and Cables with Legrand In-Wall Power Kit from Best Buy

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Hide TV Cords and Cables with Legrand In-Wall Power Kit

One thing that annoys me the most is cords and cables coming from every which way out of the TV. These are things that I like hidden to keep my home looking clean and uncluttered. Technology is becoming better and better but those pesky cords are always in the way.

Finding a solution to get ride of them is easy with the Legrand In-Wall Power Kit found at Best Buy. With the kit you can hide the wires for your TV inside the wall with this Legrand WMC701 in-wall power kit. It is designed for most TV plugs up to 1.13″ wide and offers a prewired design for simple setup. The plastic is even paintable for a custom look. And the best part is that everything is in the box including the hole saw and there is no electrical wiring needed.

Setting it up was easier than I thought and took about 30 minutes to do from start to finish. All you need to do is use the 3 inch hole saw provided to create the hole for the product to hang on the wall. Then, follow the rest of the instructions, plug everything in and boom, you’re done. They made it so easy that any DIYer can do it.

Check out the finished look. Doesn’t it look so much better? Indeed it does and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Now I can enjoy looking at my TV and my shows rather than wondering what to do with those annoying cords hanging down. As for the rest of the rooms in my house, I will definitely be adding the Legrand In-Wall Power Kit to each one.

Visit your local Best Buy store or online to check out the Legrand In-Wall Power Kit.

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