Guest Post: Tips On How To Keep A Pet – Friendly Home Clean


Tips On How To Keep A Pet – Friendly Home Clean


There are literally hundreds of different ways by which to clean a home, but when your pets get mixed into the equation, things become rather more complicated. But how complicated can things really get? Isn’t cleaning standardized in way, which is pretty much the same all around? Well, yes and no. the fact that you have pets automatically means that you have to be at least 10 times more vigilant and careful with using detergents; know the intricacies of removing fur from soft furniture; clean the floors etc. It is not an easy task I mind you, and the success of your cleaning endeavor rests solely on your patience, tenacity and vigor – not to mention having a lot of free time on your hands.


Cleaning After Your Pets

Everyone will tell you that cleaning after your pets is a matter of choice. I mean if you didn’t want to clean after furry animals you should never had any in the first place! But you made your choice and now you have to stick by it. But cleaning after your pets isn’t something that should be viewed with contempt. Just arm yourself with patience and get out the old brush.


Handling The Situation Before It Becomes a Problem

We all love our little animal friends and their priceless antics. Dog gets mud on his paws and what does it do? Of course, rolls around your favorite carpet. Cats on the other hand like to leave bundles of fur everywhere they go. The key to resolving this ongoing issue, is to clean and brush your pets regularly before they set foot in your home! Doggy had a rowdy day at the park? Wash the dog thoroughly before taking him home (just don’t forget to dry clean your animal for it can catch a cold). Brushing your cat or dog with a specialized fur brush will take some of the excess hair off the animals back; the rest however is still going to end up on your favorite sofa.


Removing Hair From Furniture/Clothes

You can use a nylon brush, a velour brush, a roller or a specialized ‘fur sponge’ to get rid of animal hair. Don’t try to vacuum it or pick it by hand – both are exercises in futility. Rather use the specialized brushes until reaching satisfying results. Just don’t moisten your sponges, or you risk making the trouble even worse! Dry cleaning is the key here!


Stains Of Various Kinds

Poochy went number 2 on your favorite rug. Instead of throwing the animal out the window, mix one table spoon of vinegar with a cup of water and apply directly. Don’t use pure vinegar for the acid can damage the carpet’s dyes. You can deodorize using baking soda. Generously sprinkle some of the powder directly on top of your carpets and wait for at least for one hour. After the hour is up, vacuum and you are ready to go. If the smell is persistent (cat urine) you can inject some perfume under your carpet or into your sofa. It won’t get rid of the smell, but at least it will mask it up nicely.


Cleaning Safe

Don’t forget that animal are people as well. But unlike us they usually weight way, way less and are quite more susceptible to being poisoned by commercially sold detergents. Only use pet-friendly or homemade detergents that you are absolutely sure will not cause any damage to befall your furry companions. If you have to use strong detergents, make sure that your pet is either locked up somewhere or it is out of the house entirely. Don;t risk it!


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