Did the Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags Survive the Torture Test? – We Tested Them Out!

Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags

This post is sponsored by Glad® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My son graduated high school this year and we are prepping the house for guests for his graduation party. You know it’s one of those times where you spend weeks prepping, getting your house to look perfect, stressing over anything and everything for something that lasts only a few hours to then have your house destroyed in the end. Yes, it’s torture on us but something we do.

Anyways, as I’m cleaning we are finding ridiculous amounts of trash and going through trash bags like no tomorrow. But my trash bags are not holding up like they are supposed to be. Do you find that your trash bags look like this? ☝ I feel like I’m more frustrated over the holes in the trash bags than the cleaning. Grrrr….

It was time to step it up and on the search for a new trash bag. One that can handle anything. I’ve heard about the Glad Advanced Protection trash bags and seen the video of the torture test so we decided to test them out ourselves to see how tough they really are. This is what we used to test them.

4 Half Gallons of Paint

2 Seedless Watermelons

After both tests, the Glad Advanced Protection trash bags survived showing that there really is toughness of every bag and can handle your trash no matter what the job may be. I definitely know which trash bags I will now use at my son’s graduation party to handle the aftermath of a mess.

Features of the Glad Advanced Protection Trash Bags

Superior Strength -Tackle the heaviest loads with RipGuard™ technology to prevent rips and tears

Reinforced Bottom – Prevent leaks and keep your can clean with a reinforced bottom

LeakGuard® Technology – Guard against leaks with two-layer protection designed to trap liquids in the bag

7-Day Odor-Control Guarantee – Neutralizes food odors with Febreze® odor control

Size Matters -Wide enough to fit containers up to 2 feet (1 ft 11.75 inches), with Febreze® odor control for the smelliest trash.

You can find the Glad Advanced Protection trash bags at your local Walmart and see how they take on your torture test. Did they survive?

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