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Games to Get your Kids Moving

Updated September 7, 2015

games to get your kids moving

 Games To Get Your Kids Moving

Now that the warmer weather is here, it is time to entice your kids to participate in games that will get them moving and enjoy the outdoors. These are even great for the whole family to particpate in. Here are a few games that will get your kids moving.

  1. Blowing Bubbles– If your kids are of a young age, invest in some bubbles. Take them into the backyard or even the park and blow the bubbles. See how many they can pop in 1 minute. Kids love to chase them and it will get them moving and active.
  2. Play Tennis or Badminton– Purchase some badminton racquets or tennis racquets. Take them out in the backyard or nearby park and practice playing tennis or badminton. They will enjoy the interaction and togetherness.
  3. Play Hide and Seek– Smaller children love games of hide and seek. This can be played indoors or outside. If you are playing indoors, make sure that the floors are clear of obstructions. Playing outdoors is fun and my son and I often play it at the park. They love to hide around the playground equipment.
  4. What Time is It Mr. Wolf– This is another game that will motivate your kids to get moving. It can be played either indoors or outside and is a great party game as well. If you don’t know how to play it is easy.The group calls out “What Time is It Mr. Wolf?”The Wolf replies with a time – for example, “”It’s 3 o’clock”

    The group will take 2 steps forward, towards Mr. Wolf, and asks again, “What Time is It Mr. Wolf?”He will then say another time- for example “It’s 8 o’clock”,  then everyone would take 8 steps forward.

    Whoever reachs Mr. Wolf without him catching them first wins.  If Mr. Wolf senses that somebody is close, he can call out, “It’s Dinner Time!”, and turn around to see where everyone is to catch them before they make it to the starting line.

  5. Sports Games– Lawn darts, bowling, baseball or T-ball are great games that will get your children off of the couch or off of the computer for awhile. Plus, it is fun to enjoy the outdoors.

These are just a few games that will get your kids moving. Make sure that you choose an age specific game that everyone can enjoy. The idea is to have fun and spend time while having fun. What other ideas of games do you have?

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