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Free and Cheap Winter Activities to do with your Kids

Updated September 29, 2016

 winter activities




Winter is sometimes the most dreaded season for all. People like to spend their winter times in warm bed, spending time with their loved ones with little work stress. Parents devote their time for kids indulging them in various activities which are effective as well as free or cheap in nature.

Here is a list of activities parents can enjoy with their kids:

  • Make play dough for free. Keep all the necessary items for making dough like flour, salt and water and ask your kid to make dough. Give them the freedom to use various colors to have various and make numerous crafts out it. Even if they are unable to make any crafts, they can paste it over their fingers and play with it. Play with your kids with their colored hands, have a group photo to capture the moment and enjoy the most of it.
  • Take your kid to malls which have free indoor playing sites. You can browse through the internet and find many malls offering play areas for free.
  • Kids love to play with animals. You can have a visit to a zoo and get your kid to talk with parrots, see the many animals and give a little learning lesson on the animals at the zoo.
  • Give the title of chef to your kid whenever you make cookies or pizzas in home. They feel exited to have this tag and share with their friends. Allow them to paste their favorite paste over pizzas and cakes.
  • Take them to free book exhibitions or places where story telling is going on for promotion of any novel or book. Or visit a library and enjoy some quiet time while the kids play in the play area at the library.
  • Play card games with your kids and teach them new games. Call their friends on some day so that he can enjoy playing video games with them and simultaneously you can spend time freely.
  • Clean your house with the kids and give them a chore or two.  Play a game and see who can get their chores done first.
  • Go Sledding at your local park or find a safe hill in your local area. Kids will get exercise while having fun. Then, come back and warm up with some hot chocolate.

There are lots of activities which can be done for free as well can be enjoyed to the utmost with complete involvement of the family. Make the most of your winter with getting yourself involved in any of these activities. This is a season worth of enjoying every aspect of life by spending time with your kids and reviving your childhood days.

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