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Exclusive Interview with STAR WARS REBELS Executive Producer Dave Filoni

Exclusive Interview with STAR WARS REBELS Executive Producer Dave Filoni

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It was such an honor to talk with STAR WARS REBELS Executive Producer Dave Filoni while I was visiting San Francisco last month. My son and I watch Star Wars Rebels all the time and I always love to hear the background story to the production and such. And if you have seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story already you will notice how Star Wars Rebels tie into the movie which I thought was awesome that they did that. Before our interview we got to screen 2 upcoming episodes that were…well AH-Mazing especially the new character Klick Klack one of whom I absolutely fell in love with and I know you will all too.

Staying the Same between TV and Film

When writing for the show Dave mentions that it’s not that hard to stay the same between TV and film because it’s all one big story. And you’d never really think in terms of like, well this piece is a movie and this piece is a book and this piece is a TV series… Because you just know these characters. So like I know Saw, because I helped introduced the character of Saw. So when they were doing stuff with him in the movie, my office is right next to Kiri Hart of the Story Group. And we talk all the time, and ask questions. And then I got to meet Gary Whitta. And we’d talk. So it’s really just like any good storytelling.

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Forest Whitaker

Forest is one of my favorite actors. He plays Saw in Star Wars Rebels and he is perfect for the role down to the facial features of the animation. Bringing Forest Whitaker on was a huge benefit. He thought that he originates the role of Saw especially on-screen. Forest was already a Star Wars fan to begin with so he was happy to take on the role.

The Balance of Parent and Kid-Friendly

It was a goal of Dave’s to create the balance of both in the animated feature. When he talked to George he would always say he created STAR WARS for kids. That was the big thing. When Dave was a kid it was a great thing because his parents liked Star Wars. And there is a great relationship between those stories and what STARS WARS presented. So it wasn’t talking down. And there were a lot of things to talk about, as a family. And characters that everyone could relate to. So I think especially in the beginning, a lot of fans would ask Dave, why he was making REBELS for kids. He didn’t want to take that away from kids and parents and wanted something that families can watch together. I’d say he has definitely accomplished that as I love watching it with my son.

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Working with George Lucas and What he Learned from Him

I bet I can guess that anyone will say working with George Lucas is absolutely amazing. Dave said that it was fantastic to work with him and the greatest education he could ever ask from, like going to film school on a daily basis with George Lucas. And not only is George incredibly knowledgeable but incredibly patient. Being that George knows what he is doing made it more challenging in creating each episode. Dave says, ” you’ll never notice many of the mistakes you have made until you are sitting next to the person you need to show it to.”

There are’s so many things that George Lucas taught Dave. Mainly it was editorial, how to look at the story, how to cut the story, how to move things. Everything George taught Dave he made sure to write it down.

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What’s Next for Star Wars Rebels

Being that he is so far ahead in episodes, frighteningly far ahead he says laughing he still left a lot open to the story. He mentions that he got to tell a lot of the story on Ahsoka Tano, Rex came back and a tremendous character development for Sabine.

Be sure watch Star Wars Rebels on Saturday Nights at 8:30/7:30c on Disney XD with the entire family!

Disclosure: Disney provided me with an all expense paid trip to San Francisco for the #RogueOneEvent #MickeyRacersEvent #PinocchioBluray #Waltagram #StarWarsRebelsEvent. All opinions are 100% my own.

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